How My Garden Grows

Every year we plant a garden here. It is a lot cheaper to grow and preserve our own that it is to buy it in the store. Plus I know there is no chemicals being added to my food when I am doing all of the work. I mostly can but I also freeze a few things. I am also starting to dehydrate more stuff when it is easy to do.

beans  corn  tomatoes  Here is a few pictures of the stuff I have planted in the garden after it came up. All of it is a lot taller now. We have tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans and cucumbers for food in there. I did not need any corn as I have plenty canned. The corn you see here is the decorative indian corn. I also have gourds and pumpkins out there.

I have sweet potatoes, gourds and cucumbers planted in tires also. tires  This is my first year trying sweet potatoes so I also planted them in a tower made of wire. taters  These are a lot bigger now also than what you see here. I know the tower will be easier to harvest but am unsure how many will grow in it compared to the tires. Once I know that is the method that I will use next year. Used tires are always east to get.

Here is a pumpkin I already have out in the garden. IMG_20160727_203014061  And this one IMG_20160727_203508007_HDR is by the house from a volunteer plant that came up. They will be too early for me to use as I only decorate with these at Halloween. But I can always take them to the auction and sell them. If they get ripe before anyone else does they should sell very well.

Hope you enjoyed all of the garden pictures and ideas.


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