How safe are your ATM Machines?

Using an ATM machine to take out cash doesn’t necessarily mean your cash is safe. Some experts say that the safety of an ATM machine depends on the place where it is located. An ATM is safest near a bank or beside a bank. Public places are always a threat, like the park, the shopping mall or even a train station.  Tampering usually occurs in convenient stores and malls and it is recommended not to use ATM machines in these places. 

Customers cannot do anything when hackers hack into the computers that approve the withdrawal of cash from an ATM machine just so that they can steal the PIN codes. However the odds are low as to whether it will happen to you.

Often scammers and hackers use a method that is known as “skimming” in which they put  a special device into the card slot in an ATM machine that ends up stealing the encrypted data from the magnetic strip that’s located at the back of your card.

In this case, the bank always recommends that customers and bank users change their pin every week just so that they can stop such malicious events from taking place.

Check your amount frequently and always report anything suspicious that you may come across.


  1. Taruna

    Thanks for sharing with us very useful and keep to remember thing. I don’t know about this at all. But from next time. I’ll remember this.

    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      I came across it here where I live and saw a video too. It disturbed me cause it could be me someday. So I thought of sharing this with everyone.

    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      Oh gosh. Yes it is scary. Better to be safe than sorry. But then you say skimmers put in the bank atm machines??

  2. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    I don’t think it is really safe that is why all the ATM centres are protected with a gun man and a watch man also there is a spy cameras, hahahah still some problems are happening.

    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      And the irony is, here in India, the watchman and gunman are both asleep at all times. Enjoying the air conditioning.

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