How Safe Is The World For Young People Today?

The world can be a scary place for anyone, however I feel that it is a scary place for young people especially. As a mother of a young boy, I am particularly afraid for his future. Here are some of the reasons I feel the world maybe be such a safe place for young people as it once was:


Obviously, years ago we didn’t have the internet, and now it is capable of doing so many different things. Most of it is good and brings us many advantages, but like all things it does have a dark side. Children and teenagers can be preyed upon online by those who wish to do them harm.

The rise of Isis. The extreme islamic group shows no sign of being stop and many young people are being lured to Syria in order to fight for them. Also how could we forget about the many terror attacks that been happening all over the world.

Peer pressure, while nothing new it is out in full force. Drugs, sex and alcohol. Nothing has changed in regards to this. Young people are still be pressured into being intimate before they are ready. They may finds themselves in situations where other people are drinking and taking drugs and they might find they should do it as well in order not to be left out.

Ten years from now I imagine most of these dangers will still be present, as well as some new ones. As parents, guardians, teachers ect. It is important that we try and protect and educate them on the dangers as much as possible.

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  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I have 4 kids from 12-18, three of whom are in some way special needs. I can honestly say I’m not so much worried about peer pressure. I do think the internet can be an unsafe place, especially for some kids. I have to keep a closer eye on one of my kids than on the others because of the types of social media she uses. We drill it into them, though, to be careful not to give out personal info – not even the name of their school. It’s hard to give them autonomy when we’re worried about what’s lurking out there online…

  2. Logix

    As the time grows, world gets more and more dangerous.
    Yes, you gave a valid point related to terrorism. But, as far as I can see, the situation is likely to get worse. Yes, everyone needs to give valid consideration to others. Security is a valid point and much needed.

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