How the PH Teachers Deplorable Plight Is Solved

2017 is shining bright for the Philippines especially for peace and order, economy, and education aspect of development. The controversial President of the county has the guts and the courage, and even the determination to do it. And the fruits of such toil are visible.

The Change Is Here

Now the change has come. They have now felt the effect of change when President Rody Duterte started making big accomplishment of his election campaign programs, projects and promises. The change doesn’t only come but it has felt by the Filipinos and they are starting to enjoy it. The teachers in particular take a deep breath from the long-suffering they have had.

In Education

The Department of Education (DepEd) gets the lion’s share in this year’s budget with 25% increase as compared to last year’s.

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) informed that the DepEd would receive P543.2 billion to be spent on hiring 65,000 teachers and non-teaching positions, repair and construction of classrooms, purchase of basic educational facilities and textbooks, and science and mathematics equipment.

The permanent teachers can sing now the popular song of the Abba, “Money, Money, Money”. They would be receiving the second tranche of the fourth tranche budget for their salary hike and standardization. By the time that tranches are completed a teacher would be receiving a monthly salary of Php39,000 which more than enough for their subsistence.

Earlier, some teachers’ concern have created a teachers’ page in the social media to air their gripes and complaints, especially of their travail while teaching as underpaid workers doing copious tasks. They do it for the sake of extending a quality education to their learners though receiving less.

Before December 25, the teachers have received their performance enhancement incentive (PEI) of Php5,000.00. They also get their performance-based bonus (PBB) based on their accomplishment as high as Php35,000.00.

Now the 2017 has been approved by the president. More teaching opportunities are waiting for the qualified teacher-applicants. The DepEd needs more teachers for its full implementation of K-to-12 curriculum which started sometime in 2012.

Going Forward

All systems go for the attainment of K to 12 curriculum. Quality education is more likely to be achieved. Series of seminars and workshops are almost done for grade teachers and for the school heads for K-to-12 full implementation. Teaching materials, equipment and the like could now be provided. There is no reason to lag behind. There is no reason for the delay. There is no reason to pull back and get back to traditional teaching methods and instructions.

Are they ought to be happy now? What else the teachers want for the DepEd to provide?

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  1. Ceci

    Are all these changes goods to the teachers and the country’s education system, will benefit the student at the end?

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      That question is too subject. High salaried worker doesn’t warrant an effective teacher. But those teachers who are receiving a salary enough for their needs and subsistence are working hard and efficiently.

  2. Ceci

    Agree with you. Some teachers complain their salary is too low till they need to provide tuition class to earn extra income..and, they sacrifice the students in the class with low quality teaching. That’s what I can’t tolerant with.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      In some instances, yes. But there are teachers who couldn’t control their whims and caprices. They’re get into debt heavily for they want to keep up with the Joneses.

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    Teachers never receive what they are worth. An increase in pay is often long overdue. And it is so true that paying more money does not mean someone will do a better job.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      That could be reason several years ago, but now. Today teachers are receiving a high salary grade that before. It has already been implemented before the former President Aquino has expired his term of office.

  4. Ceci

    Agree with Pat, again, all these issue back to the basic, the passionate towards work, someone should do what they love and love what they do.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      In the real essence of teaching, it is the attitude of the teacher who really counts for his quality of teaching. Salary is of but natural for the service he has rendered. Even how high the salary of a teacher is, but his attitude is out of what is expected from him, the quality of teaching is greatly endangered and compromised.

  5. Pat Z Anthony

    Teachers will never be paid what they are worth. My experience is the system in the USA. Teachers often have to bring supplies for students, get involved in teaching things are really for the parents to do. It is really a hard job and many see they are not appreciated.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      In our country, we are also experiencing it. Teachers are doing things for a sacrifice to make their students learned.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Well, that is how the government is ruling on especially the withholding of taxes particularly the teachers.

  6. Gil Camporazo Post author

    As a matter of follow up, those teachers have another problem facing right now. Their benefits are still held in abeyance with no apparent reasons.

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