How to Break Curses In Your Life: 10 Simple Steps Can Help Free You from Evil

Breaking Curses!


Do Curses Exist? Many misfortunes and adversities that are found in the world happen to be caused by curses. Many educated people will object to this but actually, they do exist. Accidents, miscarriages and sickness can be brought about by a curse.

What Are Curses?

Wikipedia describes a curse as “an expressed wish that some form of misfortune or adversity will befall or attach to some other entity.” A curse can also be called a ‘hex’ or ‘jinx’ or even an ‘execration’. It is a wish that harm or hurt will be inflicted by supernatural powers such as prayer, a spell or magic. A curse is the opposite of a blessing.


What Merits Curses?

Curses can be made by a hurt person like a creditor whom you have failed to pay. A curse may be thrown by somebody you are at enmity with or by someone who is jealousy of you. Some curses are said loudly, yet there are many that are done silently. You might not know that you have been cursed.

How to Break Curses

Breaking a curse is a process.

  1. First, you have to identify that you are working under a curse. You can tell when misfortunes seem to follow you.
  2. Look into your past. Have you wronged somebody in a way? Is there somebody rejoicing at your misfortunes?
  3. Repent of your wrongs. Isaiah 54:17: ‘No weapon formed against you will prosper.’
  4. Cast away all evil in your life. You can approach a spiritual leader to assist.
  5. Know that you are now free.
  6. Prayer is another key factor that one should consider when trying to break curses. Since curses are supernatural, one needs a supernatural method of breaking it. God is the master of the supernatural and can assist you to break the curses.
  7. Fasting can also be of great help. When one fasts then the body becomes weak and the spirit is strengthened. The strong spirit therefore is capable of destroying the work of the evil one. Fasting goes hand in hand with prayers.
  8. Believing that you are free will also be able to assist to break the curse. Fear has made many people into useless or less fortunate in life. Being fearful cannot assist you to break the curse.
  9. If you happen to know whoever cursed you, then you can go over to them so that they may release you from the curse. Make peace so that you be peaceful. Do not be afraid but go for the and make amendments.
  10. Always learn from your mistakes. Do not repeat the errors you did before. Do not seek ways to get even with your enemies especially those who cast a curse on you.

That is the easiest method of breaking curses.


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  1. Sandhya Rani

    Prayers can of course reduce the intensity of curses. It’s told in Bhagavat Geeta, whatever it’s destined it is definitely to happen, and all the happiness and curses of today are related to how we lived our past and previous births

  2. Rex Trulove

    I pray, rely on faith and invoke the enormous power of the name of Jesus. Jesus has already defeated Satan twice and even the demons tremble at the mention of his name. Against that sort of power, evil simply cannot stand. We have an exceptionally loving and understanding Father and Jesus is AWESOME!

  3. Gina M. Menorca

    Always adorned yourself with something that is gold. it is effective in fighting bad supernatural spell on you. That is what my grandmother told us. And we believe it by heart.

  4. Gina M. Menorca

    It is highly believed in our superstitious belief and tradition. A hand down knowledge from my grandmother from her grandmother. And I believe it. my answer is yes.

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