How To Create Paper Feathers from Recycled Materials

If you spend any time on Pinterest you might find yourself inspired to create something. Boho Style, and feather crafts, are very much in style right now. If you are not a seasoned crafter you might feel a little daunted though. So many craft tutorials call for you to have certain tools that you might not have laying around, or specialty paints. This might cause a novice DIYer to not even try a project that they think looks fun.

With my Paper Feather DIY you don’t have to have any special tools. You don’t even have to invest in fancy scrapbook paper. You probably have most if not all of the supplies around your own house!

This project is so simple that almost anyone can do it. If you are looking for a craft to do with your child anyone old enough to use scissors can make these paper feathers.

DIY Paper Feathers


1. Old magazines or book text.

2. Gluestick (I love Elmers X-treme glue stick, but you can also use liquid glue if you have it on hand)

3. Toothpicks

4. Scissors


Find a solid or patterned image from a magazine that you like and pull it out. Or you can use some book text or a page from a dictionary.



Cut the image down into 2 rectangles of equal size and shape. (You may can get more than 2 out of your image. I got 6 out of mine. You just want to make sure it is an even number.)


Turn one image right side down, and put glue all over it. Lay your toothpick in the center of the short side of that rectangle. Apply glue to the wrong side of your second rectangle, and lay it on top of the first. Match the edges as best you can and press paper as tightly as you can around the toothpick. 

You will then have a paper/toothpick sandwich kind of like this:



Trim your rectangle into a basic feather/leaf shape.


Using your scissors, make several cuts on either side of your leave shape. Always cut at a downward angle towards the bottom of your toothpick. Don’t worry if you cut little triangles out while fringing your feather. That just gives it a rougher, more feathered look.

Once your have fringed your feather to your liking, you are DONE!


You can now use your feather on a card, on a page in your scrapbook, as an element in your art journal, to decorate your planner page. The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Nona Post author

    @patzanthony so true. Most households have scissors and glue and some kind of recyclable paper. Even junk mail will work. And if they don’t have toothpicks on hand a bit of string can be used for the middle of the feather.

    @marsha32 Thank you. As someone who has read a lot of tutorials I fin that the written instructions can be confusing sometimes, so pictures help along the way.

    1. Nona Post author

      Very easy. And if nothing else you can do it just to give yourself a moment of just playing with something. Grown ups forget how to play

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    You certainly make it look easy! I’m curious now as to what people are doing with these paper feathers?

    I shared with my oldest, who I’m sure will want to try it out 🙂

    1. Nona Post author

      I’ve seen feathers used to decorate planner pages. You can use them in art journals or collage if you do that. You can use them with other crafts too. Make a dreamcatcher with paper feathers instead of real ones.

      Or, like @fifileigh said, you can use them for bookmarks. Imagine checking books out of the library, then leaving a surprise marker in all of them. lol

    1. Nona Post author

      What a fabulous idea!! Now I think I might return all my library books with a feather inside!

  3. Gil Camporazo

    Colored magazines are attractive to be used for this DIY paper feather. I am going to introduce this to my 4 grandchildren who are living with us. I would be doing this during their free time or the weekend. I will give a reward for the best, colorful paper feather.

  4. Ruth Cox

    You deserve a feather in your cap for this tutorial! I like the idea of text on the feathers. These would be cute gift tags too!

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