How to Detect Activities That Drain Revenue-Sharing Site



Now the doomsayer has spoken. Those manipulators of revenue-sharing site could easily be caught and  could be sentenced to an endless restriction to participate in money-making online work. It should be done and it must be done.

Do you know the “bad elements” in revenue sharing site? Because of them, the newly created site with a sound and reliable source of ads comes tumbling down in less than a month or a year. I don’t know if you consider them as the “cancerous” business malady.

Spammers as we all know could be controlled and could be easily detected for their irritating, annoying activities. While scammers are serious “business harlots” that could cheat you not only a cent, a dollar, but a million of money. And they are too tricky and intelligent.

Anyway let’s go back to the modus operandi of those “bad elements” that castigate the revenue-sharing sites and drag them to their natural death. They are “doom makers”, composed of an ordinary person, a newbie, novice or to put it plainly inexperienced but yet they could strangle the site to drain its hard-earned income without so much effort.

I learned recently the newly created revenue sharing site has already issued its warning to those who made a hocus pocus of their traffic for their post. It even blocked those who were really displayed unreliable traffic bloating. And it even handed the final decision to ban them forever. The crime is illegal traffic manipulation.

How They Do It?

It can be done by organizing a closed or secret group to exclusively syndicate the post submitted by their members to hasten or increase pageviews.

The other one is a simple script that automatically makes a regular click of the post for every 30 minutes or an hour. It could easily be traced for the consistency of the interval of the time of pageview click.

Another is submitting a post to a search engine to be shared to a 100 to thousand sites to get a tremendous traffic counts for a pay based on the frequency of session or activity.

And the last one, it is up to you to add here what you have experienced or read about.

To those “bad elements”, are they happy to receive money from their illegal activities? Are they also happy to see those sites dying, gasping for their breathe because of the “poisonous” system of siphoning the generated income of the sites they’re joining.

Now, their anomalous mechanisms and techniques are identified. Would they be still doing them?

image by Unsplash/Pixabay/Public Domain

Copyright Gil Camporazo 8 October 2016 Philippines


  1. Your Seldom Majesty

    My friend was accuse using traffic exchange by HitLip from owner of Tinycents. He washed his face by giving proof he was not using it, and proof come from nobody but nobody else but people in HitLip.
    You can’t know who plays what game, but I know lies are short living. Truth always wins.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Lies are always lies. Excuses couldn’t be a defense for the truth. Truth never lies. Truth is unconditional. A half truth is not a truth.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      They’re doing that for the site is in the processing of growing. It is in its infant stage so there’s much to be done. It could be easily duped. The point is helping each other. It should be give-and-take relationship.

  2. Donna Thacker

    Some people would rather earn from dishonest ways than putting forth a little effort. Rest assured that Blog Bourne keeps a good eye out for page view manipulators. Such things only hurts the site and the other writers here.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      That’s right. It is my principle in life that once I have been helped I have to return it in some other ways. If I work for a person and I am paid according to the quality of my work, I have to defend it too when it is under distress.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      The point is how to detect them. Do you have any experience in meeting or encountering this anomalous practices of the members to a particular site?

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