How to Fix DNS Error?

Earlier, I cannot enter the Blogbourne. It says that I have a DNS Error. I got this on some of my sites too, especially with Ayuwage, a Get Pay To sites (GPT). It is quite frustrating when you know you are ready to work on the site and then you can’t get it. I think this site is blocking my IP address. Before, when I am getting a DNS error, this is what I do. I clear my cache and reset my setting. When I checked on the site once again, I can easily get it, no hassle anymore. I did the same with the site, but I still difficult to get in. 

Good thing my brother visited our home so I asked him of what to do. I have been researching for tutorials on how to fix it before he came. I went to YouTube and check on the tutorials. Actually, YouTube is my first 911 (emergency hotline) when it comes to technical problems with computer. Little by little, I learned with the help of this site. Then came my brother. He checked the site and I was right, it seems the site is blocking my IP. You don’t want me back Blogbourne?

I don’t know what he fixed but he gave me this site called Unblockwebsite.Net. I clicked on the site and type the URL link of Blogbourne and in just a second, I get in. Woah!  I guess that is just a disadvantage of non-technical people, they don’t know what to do when technical problem comes. Thanks to my brother for introducing another site and I am introducing it to you too. I hope it works wonders to all of the site that could block our IP. 

Please take note that there are other ways to solve this and the other ways are much better. I just shared the easiest way or possible ways to get you unblock by a website. 

Image credit by @grecy

blogbourne dns


  1. CatMom NJ

    And here I thought it was just a glitch. I didn’t do that DNS stuff at all when I saw it, I’m not into technical stuff. It’s back again without me doing it thank goodness. But the site has been giving off other errors and stuff like that on and off.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      That is my usual problem when I am using a mobile wife like the Globe Tattoo. I couldn’t fix it.

  2. Grecy Garcia Post author

    Oh so I am not the only that experienced that? I got that all this morning and I somewhat hate when I am ready to do a blog and I can’t get in. You can use that site I mentioned above just in case sis. @catmom

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