How To Get a Job in the Bank the Easy Way

I started working in the bank in 1975 as a loan clerk. I did all the documents for the various types of credits and loans of the bank’s clients from the small rice farmers to the big sugarcane planters.

Since the bank is classified as the savings and loans rural banking under the closed supervision of Central Bank of the Philippines, we had only limited the number of borrowers. I could finish preparing the loan papers of 15 to 30 farmers a day and processed their released checks.

I had a system in doing my job. During the weekend, I was tasked to visit the farms of the borrowers and also follow some collections of their unpaid loans. I usually went very late in the afternoon or even late in the evening.

The bank that I was working was where I took my apprenticeship as the requirement for graduation. Upon completing a number of hours as required in the apprentice program, the cashier who is the daughter of the chairman of the board recommended me to be trained in the CBP for one month. I was surprised why I had to undergo a training in the banking system.

The bank was planning to hire me. Right after I finished my apprenticeship in the said bank, I was sent to a 3-week training without attending my graduation. That was how I got my first job in the bank by being an industrious apprentice, working without complaining, and showing my best as an honest trainer in the bank.


  1. Grecy Garcia

    I love the feeling your post is giving. You land a job in a bank and during your time it means big. I am proud of you! Thanks for sharing this one.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Finding a job even in that time is too scarce. It’s good I got one and was able to support my family.

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