How to Identify a person with gambling addiction?


Let’s pretend that im in room with my fellow Addict Anonymous.

Hi my name is Jennifer and I think I have a gambling addiction… Or am I?

I gotta admit, what people think of me affects me. I know I shouldn’t pay attention to what people say. I dont. But they get into my head. Lets use this simple entertainment that I discovered last June2014: Casino Penny Slots, as an example.

I know gambling is bad, but am I addicted? My brain says Im not, but people around me says I am? So how do you identify a gambling addiction?

For me its just a way to past time and have fun, I may go home a loser but not all the time and its not like we(or I) spent thousands of dollars a day, for me if I spent $200 thats enough, depending on how many days we stay but maximum is $500, which only happened i think twice. And since June2014, i can still count how many times we went to casino, i remember when and how many times exactly, I didnt play the whole 2015, but this year we played 7x.

Seven times in one year. playing penny machines, is it considered an addiction? Or just a plain harmless hobby? I always play $200 after losing that, we go home. This is dangerous. I should stop. The first five times, it was because we were on vacation, the last two was scary because we just drove there for no reason at all.. Just to “have fun” i had fun, but its bad, and I feel guilty…but then I still wanna go back! Omg! I’m an addict!





  1. Vinaya

    I play for fun, I am not addict. Sometimes I play every week and sometimes I don’t play for months.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    You are trying to exonerate yourself from being branded as gambling addict. It is you right. I do respect it. But if you frequent the Casino whether you win or lose, you play or not, the people who have seen you there keep on going there as often as you would, you won’t blame them for tagging you as such.

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