How To Improve Children’s Performance in School

Heavy schoolbag of student going to school Heavy schoolbag of student going to school


How To Improve Children’s Performance in School

The implementation of the K-12 System of Learning may have been more of a burden to most parents as they only see it as an added expense to their annual budget.  While we could not disagree with that fact, still what we, as parents, should see it in a more positive perspective.

With the said system, children are molded into a more open-minded individual of not just relying on the outcome of an incident but knowing the process on how the result came about. But with this comes the books who have become the cause of some health issues with our school children.

Each day, my children needs to carry at least 6 books, 8 notebooks some pad papers and other school materials. Although they have their individual lockers, sometimes, this causes the children to fail to bring them home. In return, they are unable to study for their quizzes. It is every student’s responsibility to bring his books all the time, but having the lockers doesn’t seem to be a big help at all.

One exclusive school in Quezon City has started using ebooks in some of their subjects. The cost of an Ipad may not be afforded by anyone, but I guess, giving a specific brand for the students to use should not be implemented.  With these ebooks, it lessens the burden of having to carry all the books every day and with it, homeworks can be given online like using Edmodo.  Schools can actually ask their students to submit their (written) projects using this site. And this is absolutely more adept to letting children stay connected with their teachers than merely forming a Facebook group. Doesn’t Facebook allow sign up age 16 and above only?

I am not saying that books should be totally eradicated because I also prefer reading books than staring on the computer monitor for hours. But with the help of ebooks it lessens the burden of having to carry books all the time which cause back pain and for some, they have developed bad posture.

Education should always be given importance. But apart from this is also closely monitoring the physical well-being of our children.


  1. John

    They might as well consider using an iPad or any tablet as a replacement for the old traditional book, it’s not bulky and it can load a library of knowledge in it!

  2. Shavkat

    I think for private school, parents can afford to have the modern gadgets. How about the marginalized people? I usually show empathy to these marginalized parents. At first, K-12 wasn’t that effective since the government agency didn’t wait for the schools and even teachers to fully equipped with the drastic changes. On the other hand, you have a point that education is really important. I hope the new administration will focus on providing more stable jobs than anything else.

    1. Jenny A Post author

      There really should be an increase in the budget for education if they want our children to be successful leaders in the future.

  3. Gil Camporazo

    In public schools, the textbooks are provided by the government. The school supplies are also taken from the budget of the school particularly for its maintenance other operating expenses (MOOE). Everything in the public school is handled by the government. There is no way that school goers would get a quality education. I am saying this because I am a school head and that is what I am doing to my humble school.

    1. Jenny A Post author

      The government need to step up in improving school facilities in order to help school produce quality students.
      I was saddened when a cousin of my husband, a school Principal in a public school in Mindanao found out last year, when she first worked there that thete wete Grade 5 and Grade 6 students who could not read well. Is it lack of guidance from parents and/or teachers or lack of school materials and quality education?

  4. Kyla Matton Osborne

    My youngest daughter’s school invested in Chromebooks for all the senior students last year. Almost all of the children’s work is now submitted through Google Classroom. I think it’s made a tremendous difference for them. But we’re very lucky that they are an independent school that had the funds to invest in the children’s education this way.

    1. Jenny A Post author

      Lucky indeed! Our government needs to provide enough funds for education and see it as a huge help instead of seeing it as a waste of money.

    2. Kyla Matton Osborne

      @jentleheart Our government would never provide this way for students. My older children don’t have school-provided computers, even though they both have learning disabilities for which a computer or tablet should be supplied. The difference? My younger daughter attends an independent school whose administrators receive the funding directly for each child, without having to pay for the school district’s top-heavy structure.

      They make decisions based on the quality of each child’s education. So real investments are made in learning, rather than in the school’s prestige or in paying for expensive competitive sports programs.

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