How to make money online with writing

writer-1129708_960_720Everyone wants to make money and having the Internet makes doing this easier than ever. Although there are many different ways to make money online, I am going to talk about writing for this post. If you have the skills and want to make money online with writing, there are a few different ways you can do this. I will talk a little bit about it in this post and then I will link to the rest of the post in the co-blog, Smiling At Home. Let’s get started:

Private Clients

Once you are experienced enough, you can start to look for private clients. There are many different places to find private clients including online job boards, online bidding sites, and even Craigslist. The great thing about writing for private clients is that most of them will pay what you want and what you are worth. However, the downside to writing for them is that they can get pretty demanding. This is when you tell them you expect more for what they want. You tell them, they get what they pay for and this is true. Writing for private clients is not where most writers start out online. That is, unless you know someone who needs a writer and they hire you right away. Some people do get lucky like this. However, many people will start out with other writing avenues such as the next one on the list and that is content mills. Follow the link to this blog post for the rest of this post.


  1. Sandy KS

    I don’t make much money online. I do surveys and get free or deep discounted things to review. I need to learn how to do affiliate marketing that works.

  2. grace

    Certainly there are many ways but it all depends on the urgency to earn money online when there will be every effort made to get to as many sites as possible. Some write for pleasure and feel nice when they get paid – some kind of an incentive

  3. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I like getting the higher revenue from client writing, but as you say there are sometimes unreasonable demands to deal with. And the other big issue is clients who fail to pay as promised. I did some client writing over the weekend that went very smoothly on both sides, and it was a nice change to do a straight forward job that didn’t require a lot of research or interaction with the client. But I’ve also had a lot of queries that went back and forth several times until I quoted a fairly low price, only to have the person drop the conversation altogether.

    As Grace says, you have to love writing! It’s a tough job to do – a lot harder than most people think. But I know some people who can earn $40K, $60K, or even $100K a year doing client work and writing for publications. A person can earn a decent living writing, even today. It takes hard work and determination, and mentoring really helps. I encourage those who want to earn more, to hone their skills and research things like SEO or affiliate marketing, and just go for it!

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