How to Make Reading Easy & Effective?

Reading is most neglected by everyone. People read because they have to like the students who are compelling themselves to read for it is a requirement from their study. At home, I have a mini library. It holds a variety of general references, how-to books, technology, Scriptures, among others. Do my children, my grandchildren, my wife take time out to browse some of them? No!

Well, my point here for the sake of discussion is how to do you read. When you take hold of a book, what is the manner of reading it? I am not asking on how you hold the book, on how you open the book and close it after you’re done. I am referring on how you absorb or digest of what you are reading.

In the fundamentals of education, the child is taught the 3Rs like Reading, (W)riting, and (A)rithmetic. I may use that principle too. The 3Rs in reading. Of course, it starts with reading the book. Then it is followed by recalling as a form of a review of what has been read. And the last is a reflection towards one’s experience.

In doing so, therefore, finding facts and information are in reading itself. Comprehension takes place in recall. Application is in reflection.

These 3Rs of reading like Reading, Recall, and Reflection are the simple and practical ways of getting something useful from what has been read.


    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      But in school, the students are still required to read and reflect on what they have read. Books are provided for them to use.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Documents in PDF format are the replica of the book itself.. They are handy and easy to get or avail of. The storage is not a problem.

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