How to Post on BlogBourne: Beginner’s Guide

If you are a first-time blogger, this post is a basic guide for you.


Front page or Up front of the site.

BB front page-

This is how it looks like when you LOGIN to this site.



Click the “WRITE” button and start writing




As you can see, before anything else you need at least 200 words, 4-word title and a featured image or cover to post an article. Don’t forget to put something in your summary telling the reader what is your post about. Add tags and choose from the categories what is your post about then click submit!

Make sure you use the Save Draft down below your article in case you are not sure that anything can happen, you can use any writing software like Microsoft Word, Notepad or even Open Office. This saves time that you don’t have to worry about getting back to zero because you can save and edit the article you are working with.

The site  is still new and we have to expect something might come up from saving the draft to posting even accepting the friend request. Anything you might encounter with regards to the technical issues, please do report it or even create a post about it. The owner of the site is also the programmer. Please be patient if the error you reported didn’t fix on the same day, don’t worry, he’ll work it out as soon as he received the report or read the post about it.







  1. puroypoi

    I encountered the same problem while creating my own article. I finished making one without seeing those red labels. I don’t know whether I reached 200 words or not.

    1. John Post author

      You have posted several articles that I think you are in right the track!

    1. John Post author

      I think it’s about time… Waiting I guess is over!

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Thanks for this great primer, John! I have shared it on some of my social networks so other writers can also benefit from the advice.

    It is so important to write in a word processor or similar app, and to save our content offline! Not only does this protect against loss of data due to technical glitches but it also addresses the concerns that were raised by Google’s recent deletion of a celebrity blog hosted on Blogger. We all should get into the habit of saving our posts offline – and even of backing up those saved posts too!

  3. Grecy Garcia

    I posted yesteday, which is my starting day and I thought using Microsoft word for number of words and then copy and paste in here. No problem with me actually, everything is easy to use and understand, as of now.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    Many have already joined BB. They knew the basic steps on how to post their articles in this site. But many also as of this writing has become inactive. Sorry for them. Their account would be shut down if they fail to make it current.

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