How To Register ATM Card Online

Got already an ATM card? Have you not found any problem in registering it online? Others have found it difficult to register their card. They don’t know what to do. They need some to help for that. Well, I have to share this with you on how I register my card online after I get one from the bank, particularly the Banco de Oro or BDO.

My debit card from our local bank was already expired. So I need a new one so that I could update my PayPal to replace the expired card I have.

I applied to a local BDO, banking institution here and was given me a week to wait for the new debit card.

Just this afternoon I called the bank and informed that my replacement ATM Debit Card was available. I rushed to the bank and took my card.

Activating New ATM Card:

1.Access ATM by inserting the card, using the given password from the bank’s leaflet.
2. Click Other Services then chance PIN or Password.
3. Then you’re DONE.

Registering ATM Card to Online Banking:

1. Access ATM by inserting your card, using your personalized password.
2. Click other services and then click activate online banking.
3. Then you’re DONE.

Registering to online banking:

1.Access online site of the bank.
2. Enroll for the first time.
3. When you’re done, you’ll be prompted to activate it at the ATM of the bank.


    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Mine is 2025. It is a long, long way to enjoy my debit card. I just got it last year and I am already using it for online payment and receiving online payment too.

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