How to Significantly Improve Your Blog Posts’ Titles

Titles are your chance to make a solid first impression on your reader. A catchy title can bring traffic to your content. But it also makes a huge difference when it comes to people staying to read your article. Did you know that 8 out of 10 people will read your title, but only 2 out of 10 will read your post?

Make that title the best it can be, and see if you can’t beat those odds! It takes time to craft an effective title. But the best writers expect that. In fact, they expect to spend more time thinking a killer title for an article than it takes to write the article content! That sounds crazy, but it’s worth the extra effort.

Make the Reader Want to Click Your Title

Create titles that make a potential reader want to click through to your article. The title needs to be exciting. You need to use words that carry an emotional charge, maybe even to be controversial. Celebrity names, gossip and secrets, controversy and negativity all get good clicks. Keep this in mind when you choose a title. Use power words to punch up your title and give it extra appeal.

Write the Title Last

The best way to create an awesome and powerful title is to wait until you’ve written your whole article. This way you know exactly what the post is about. Think about your post. Now, in about 6-9 words, what’s it all about?

Be sure not to mislead with your title because search engines will penalize you for that. But it is OK to be a bit of a tease! People love a mystery and they’ll solve it by visiting your link!

Keywords are Still Important in Headlines

Exact keyword searches aren’t as important as they used to be. But keywords help both people and search engines to know what your post is about. That’s crucial because you’re competing with so much other content out there today! Include one or two keywords in your title, preferably near the beginning.

Capitalize the Right Words

Capital letters draw attention to the important words in a headline. You want to begin the first word of your title with a capital letter. Then make sure you use uppercase letters for all proper nouns and descriptive words. It’s OK to leave the little words like “the” and “for” all in lowercase letters, though. If you need a bit of help deciding which words need to be capitalized, check out the Title Case Converter.

Choose a Cool Headline Style

Certain headline styles are more effective than others. Go for the gusto and use the ones that will give you the best results! The top styles you want to try are:

• List headlines
• Titles that ask a question
• How-to titles

These headline types will please both your target audience and the search engines.

Resources for Writing Absolutely Awesome Titles

Headline Analyzers:

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – Rates your title on a percentage. You should be aiming for at least 70% to get a green light.

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer – Rates on a percentage, but also gives separate scores for engagement and impression. You might decide a higher score for one of these factors is better than a higher composite score. Again, you’re looking for a 70% or better.’

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer – Looks specifically at the emotional appeal of your title. Also tells what sort of impact your title has: intellectual, empathetic, or spiritual. Try to aim for a score of 30% – 40% if you can.

Power Words and Title Makeovers

Turbo-Charge Your Marketing With These 355+ Power Words – SumoMe’s master list of power words that will pump up the impact on your titles.

Secrets to Success: 3 Generic Headlines Get a Boost – Check out this article if you’re having trouble writing a strong title. In it, three different titles get a makeover that pumps up their scores. You can do the same for your titles too!