How We Use Social Media…

    It amazes me the different ways we use social media.  Recently (like yesterday)  I was able to connect to a cousin that I haven’t heard from in  over 30 years!!  I’ve also been in contacted with our cousins and even school classmates.  I think it’s a great tool to revive some old friendships and also keep in contact with family.  To me family is very important!  Our lives seem to change with the times, and some times we move away and lose contact with people we were very close to or family.  With social media though, you can be in contact with these people that you lost contact with.  Granted, not every one though has a “social” site that you can reconnect with these people though.


     Then there are those people that share EVERY THING!! lol  Or they use it to air “their dirty laundry” on.  People can also post pictures that may NOT be theirs but they can “pretend” that they are and make up stories as if it really happened. That’s fine if you’re into fiction writing!! lol  Some people even use and make videos of themselves committing crimes and post them!!!  You can never really trust what you see, and those people like do these things don’t know that other people can see this and now that you’re either lieing or committing a crime!!  


     I know personally of some one who has posted things that have included me or my hubby that are  NOT true!!  Sure I could post on there these statements aren’t true or that that isn’t what happened, but I know how this person is and she just feeds on things like that, so I’m NOT stooping to her level.  As for the crime, videos…well people can turn you in or certain agencies can look at your social information as it is PUBLIC!!  Anyway, airing your crime on social media isn’t very smart anyway, because you’re just proving and airing that you committed the crime!!


     I try to be careful of what I post on social network and use it as a “useful” tool NOT for lieing or committing crimes with!! 




photo courtesy of pixabay


  1. Suny

    I am a shy one and never share my personal photos apart from a few chosen places. I am also very sensitive what I post on social media.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    Social tools can help many in different ways. However, we are all aware of some of the things mentioned here. Things always get out of hand when the wrong people are involved.

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