Human Nature And Fallacies

Hello Everyone!

Humans, despite being the most advanced among all species; have their limitations. One such limitation is related to psychology.

We have many emotions

As humans, we have many emotions. One such emotion is: frustration. We get his emotion whenever we hear our near and dear ones insulted. When we hear something which simply attacks our ego, we are likely to be frustrated. In short, whenever something happens against our will, it frustrates us.

We are frustrated and we are asked to share our opinion. It is quite likely that we are going to show our frustrations to rest of the world. Following are some symptoms

Anger and shout

We are likely to shout in general and comment what went wrong. We shall showcase our anger. We might often tell the other person to refrain from asking.

Tu quoque

This logical fallacy is highly widespread. It says – I am wrong, so what – you are also wrong.

It should be noted that 2 wrong activities does not indicate 1 right thing.

Consider the case: Person A respects Event B but B is hated by Person C.

A asks C of some problem with his stand. Instead of answering, C replies – your B was also wrong. It shall be noted that B was not related to the case.

B is wrong does not prove that C is right. C then argues that he is exposing hypocrisy of A. This is wrong way. First, C should prove himself right and then proceed onto “exposing” as such.

Personal attacks

This is 3rd symptom of frustration. Also called as Ad hominem and Ad bacullum attacks. They prefer not to answer any point and rather go for personal attacks. This is a dangerous point.


It should be noted that while you can frustrated, you are not supposed to show it openly. Secondly, whenever you notice someone frustrated as shown below, do not try to increase their frustration. Leave them alone. They will react logically whenever this frustration fades.

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