I Am Bunny The Doberman

DSCF0003  Hi. Since Mom has joined this new site I thought I should introduce myself. I am Bunny, a red doberman, and 3 years old now. I live with my Mom and Dad, two sisters and one bratty boyfriend. Mom and Dad also have four cats that live in the house with us along with horses, cats, and several birds that live outside. DSCF1365 This is me holding my sister Bambi down. She is the oldest of us at seven years. Bambi likes to think that she is the boss and I usually let her, but I know I could take her if I wanted too. DSCF1491  This is Sadie pretending to beat Duke up. Sadie is the little beagle mix and four years old. Duke is the bratty black doberman who is two years old. Duke and I have our second family here with us now. Last year I had a red son and a black son. Mom found them very good homes. This year I have a black son and a blue daughter. I was very happy to have a girl to raise this time. Here is each of them playing with their first toys that Mom bought for them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uGE1iR0oSE  This first one is my son Jack. Then here is my daughter Jill with hers.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL0wgpQ_WxE  As you can see they liked them a lot. I hope to write and visit here for a long time. Mom says a lot of our old friends are here with us.


  1. IcyBC

    Wow..it is good to get to know you and seeing your babies! Looks like you have adopted a great family who care for so many other furry friends.

  2. Sandy KS

    Hello Bunny, you are adorable. I have always had a place in my heart for dobermans. I had one as a child at mom’s place (my parents were divorced when I was 5.) She was black. her name was She-ra. After a cartoon.

  3. grace

    Good to see you here. Bunny. Your Mom and I lost touch with each other for a while. Hope to keep in touch from now on

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