I Am New Here

Hi I am new here. I followed a link from another site and am already seeing some familiar names. But for those I have not met I will tell a little bit about myself. I live in Ohio with my hubby, four dogs, five horses, and several cats. We also have chickens, ducks and guineas. Many know George, DSCF1161 my quarter horse colt. He has his own blog on another site. They also know Bunny my female red doberman as she also has her own blog. DSCF0003  Her boyfriend is Duke a black doberman. Then there is Bambi and Sadie, both of them are beagle mixes. Bambi is my almost constant companion whenever she can be.  We also do a garden each year. It is looking very good this year which is good because last year a lot of it got flooded out. I am slowly getting different fruit trees planted also. I will have a few peaches and pears this year. Not enough to can but it is still great to see them. This is the first year getting anything from the trees. I also like to go to auctions and when I have time I do plastic canvas crafting.

That is about it. Looking forward to learning about all of you too.


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