I Am Told To Choose A Niche

When it comes to blogging or writing there are many articles telling you how to do it. Not all them share the same information. Nor have the results for everyone.

A niche is where you market a certain type of product, subject or information. Some write on how to blog, how to make money, or review products. While others learned how to combine several niche subjects into one.

I tried the niche blog by creating separate blogs for each of the niche subjects I write on. I ended up neglecting them to the point they failed. Plus, people would say they weren’t sure where I was writing and where to follow me. They liked what I was writing about, but couldn’t find me. I failed. The sad part was, I knew I failed without anyone pointing it out. I made mistakes I needed too correct.

Instead of giving up, I joined a bunch of different Facebook groups with people who are pro bloggers. Groups that offered advice on how to improve my blog. I started a Facebook group to help share the advice I learned. In addition as give support to other new and small time bloggers. It is a small group. The writing styles are different from each other.

I was taught one do not need to choose one niche that gets suggested. One niche is great if that is all you plan to write about. It is also great for those who can have several niche blogs and keep up. What I have learned, there is no wrong or right way. Only ways to improve your blogs.

You can combine several niche blogs into one. You need to come with a title that says it all. Right now I am using the title “Rusty2rusty’s Chatter”. As I have not figured out a title for all my niche subjects combined it to one. I choose to use a common username I am known by in the writing and blogging world. I choose the word chatter as it is a form of talking. As I feel I am talking when I am writing a blog article.

If I can come up with a better title, I will replace my blog again. I am thinking ‘chatter’ might not been a good choice to represent talking or writing.

In the meantime I will blog about my different niches. I have a page created for each niche. I explain on each page what part of the niche I will be blogging about. I thought of indexing each article I write on the same niche on the page. I am told it was too much work and people don’t want to read that much. To stop doing it. That a page should be short and right to the point.

Combing niches has worked for me so far. Where I am getting up to 2000 views a month compared to 100. I know I am doing something right. I am trying to let others know you can combine more than one niche and make it work.

How has blogging worked out for you?


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    Your are right about blogging-there is not a right way and a wrong way. You will find what works for you. It is very difficult to keep up w/many blogs and do well.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I found it easier to combine the niche subjects I enjoy writing about in to one. As I do tend to combine them some how.

  2. Andria Perry

    You know I mostly write three to four blogs, once I had five and all of them were doing well, why? Because I was making money by posting daily with each.

    One lady mentioned, Tracy, that she only wanted to see updates once or twice a week from a blog, so not to get burned out on that subject BUT it was still active enough for people to look forward to reading.

    I do not know, I just write and id they come they will and if not they won`t 🙂

    I stumbled this article.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I try not to skip a day unless it is on the weekend. As I noticed not many are blogging on the weekends. They take the weekend off to spend time with family.

      That is a hard choice to make, when someone tells you something about your blogging. Should you change to what they say or not? As you can’t please everyone. At the same time you do need to listen to your audience.

    1. Bill Kasman

      I also have trouble coming up with idea for my blogs – especially when my tropical fish go on strike and don’t reproduce on command! 🙂

    2. Sandy KS Post author

      Finding a niche can be hard. I like writing on several subjects. I tried the individual niche blogs. They did not work for me.

  3. Eva James

    As I just write what comes to mind or I think will help someone with a way I found to do something I have several different subjects. It all depends on what works for each person

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I agree, writing on several subjects works for me.
      I also like to follow a blog which writes at least 5 times a week. As I tend to loose track of those who occasional write unless I bookmark them. Or we are in the same sharing group on Facebook.

  4. Bill Kasman

    Niche blogging is all very well but we still need an outlet for all that stuff we feel we need to write about which doesn’t fit into any neat little niche and this is where blogging sites like BlogBourne come in. They give us the opportunity to rabbit on about anything and everything – and they pay, too!

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I know of writers who write on different niche subjects depending on which pay to post website they are on to. That way if the site fails. They have material already to add to a niche blog.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Yes, lots of advice that is unproven is floating around. It is hard to determine which advice will work or not til someone tries it out.

      I tell people you like the idea, try it. If it don’t work, write about your experience to let others knwo you tried and failed. As writers like to read they are not alone out there.

  5. Vickie

    If you try to please all of your readers, you’ll drive yourself crazy. My blogs have index pages and I get a lot of traffic to those pages. It’s not true that everyone doesn’t want to read. My most prolific blog post is over 3500 words long, and it gets tons of comments.

    I think your blog works well because the topics you write about don’t “clash.” What I mean by that is that your audience is most likely interested in several of the topics you talk about, if not all of them.

    Follow you gut. Your gut never lies.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      That is true. My subject do go together in some way. That is why I think it works well together. I do understand what you are saying. That is exactly why I am trying to let others know they can do it to. They don’t have to beat themselves up by trying to keep up with several different niche blogs if they can find a way to combine them in to one.

  6. Alexandria Gunn

    Niche blogging is the way when blogging for business. It’s to build an audience that becomes loyal to your blog for the content you have. If you wanted to build an audience for recipes, people checking the site for that won’t necessarily want to read content about photography, blogging tips or even childcare for examples.you start to lose people because they don’t know what you wrote about. When you set up an email list it will be harder to get people to sign up and stay on it because they get a mix match of content.

    What you’ve described is people who want to follow you as a writer specifically. This is very different to blogging for business. You have people reading your stuff because they want to read your stuff not because they’re following a particular niche or looking for a particular type of content.

    Really you need to question whether you’re writing because of a love to write and would like to make a bit of money from it or because you’re turning into a highly profitable business. Running multiple blogs definitely isn’t easy but it’s worth it when you build a part or full time income off it. With a business there’s the element of what your audience wants from you and not just what you want.

    What you’re doing isn’t wrong. As you say there isn’t a right or wrong way, it depends on the reason for blogging and what you want to get out of it.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I guess I am not understanding, your saying I am not doing anything wrong but won’t make any money writing on several niches, is that correct? Or its not possible to have a business with several niche subjects? I’m confused.

  7. Rex Trulove

    Writing to just one niche would never work for me, I’m afraid. I have too many interests that I can share knowledge about. I love to garden and grow things. I love to cook. I’ve worked in numerous fields. I have a love of science. I love animals and have been a wildlife rehabilitator for 50+ years, in an unofficial capacity. I hunt. I fish. I’m keen on saving money when I can. I’m ordained and also work as the groundskeeper at our church. I’ve written about all of these things and I’m known for writing about all of them. In fact, the only reason I haven’t written about other interests is because I haven’t gotten around to it. LOL I *could* write about music, if for no other reason, because I play 8 musical instruments. 😀

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Wow, you play 8 different musical instruments. May I ask which one?

    2. Rex Trulove

      I play piano, organ/keyboard, accordion, trumpet, recorder, autoharp, sax and guitar/12 string guitar.

    3. Sandy KS Post author

      That is simply amazing. You my friend have talent. A study has found those who can play multiple instruments to be highly intelligent. I think they are right.

    4. Rex Trulove

      Hahaha…thank you for the compliment. I just enjoy being creative (which is why I’m a writer), plus some of my earliest memories were of listening to my mother playing piano. She passed in 2007 and I have her piano, so every time I sit down to play it, I think of her. She also inspired my love of science, math, gardening, animals and the outdoors. 😀

      It is a shared talent, too. My brother plays guitar, some fiddle, tabletop steel guitar and harmonica. My wife used to play clarinet in school. My daughter played flute and my son played trumpet. I met my wife while running Friday and Saturday night jam sessions and playing and singing.

  8. Alexandria Gunn

    You’re just not going to make as much as those who stick with one niche per blog. I’ve tried it with both. My multi niche blog does no where near as well as my niche blogs because of the switching between posts. Your audience can’t follow you easily enough.

    It’s alright people saying you can’t do everything to make your audience happy but remember they’re the ones following you and sharing posts. You need to consider your audience and give them a reason to follow you. If they think you don’t care about them they’re going to click away.

    Multi niche blogs are fine of your audience is following you but if they’re looking for specific topics they’ll get confused.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Since I have never made any money with my blogging I am going to continue to do what is best for me.
      I tried affiliate marketing with one niche blogs. Made nothing. I tried for two years. It was enough for me to give up.

  9. Francine Labelle

    Good morning. Like you I am trying to find my niche. But it is hard to decide as I just like to write plain and simple. I guess you could call me a rambler who rambles on and on. Maybe I should start a blog called Frankie’s ramblings. But I am still trying and will eventually succeed in finding myself and my real writing will start.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I have not found any niche subject I can write about on a routine bases. That is why I choose more than one niche. When I get back on schedule. I will be putting out more than one article on my blog on different niche subjects that seems to work best for me.

  10. Marsha Cooper

    I like your title.
    Marsha’s Spot is me, as you know. Over time people have suggested that I have one blog for reviews, one for crafts, etc etc. I knew that would never work for me as it’s too much to keep up with.
    I prefer blogs that are on lots of topics over just one, but that is me.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I like them that way as well. I do follow a few niche blogs that I am really in to. However, I follow more than write on more than one niche. There are many more out there than others are aware of.

  11. Marie Edgerly

    That is me as well. i am fixing to start a blog writing about different niches. Honestly, I feel that will work better for me instead of keeping up with different blogs. I don’t have time for that 🙂 Everybody has there own way of blogging and if works for you then I say stick with it 🙂 My main problem is coming up with good titles and blog posts.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Blog posts are never an issue with me. Titles I do struggle with from time to time. I am improving but have more to go.

  12. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I do think that for a writer who enjoys writing on many topics, niche blogging can be overwhelming. I’m glad you’re seeing positive results from combining your blogs 🙂

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      It may not be a popular trend. Yet, I see it catching on as more people move from paying websites that close to blogging. Some we do it to have a place their articles when websites disappear.

    2. Kyla Matton Osborne

      I have to admit that I was overwhelmed, trying to operate several niche blogs. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with them all. But I did finally combine several of them together into a handful of blogs that have related themes. I am still not completely happy with that. But, as you say, it helps to have a place for the content displaced when a paid site closes its doors.

    3. Sandy KS Post author

      I having one blog. As it is easier to maintain. If I get back to the point of writing several articles a day again I will end up making separate blogs again. As I plan for all to have the name rusty2rusty in them. That way others will know it is one of my blogs. If not, I may go to write about a different theme each day of the week. That way I touch on each of the niches I write about each week. I am not sure which I am going to do yet. As I want my blog to grow. However, I don’t want to fail and have to scrap it all out and start over. Do you know what I mean?

  13. Vickie Ewell

    I think the title of this post works very well. I could hear your frustration with all of the advice out there, which many writers share. It made me click on it because I wanted to know what you had to say.

    I’m a Jon Morrow fan myself, who approaches blogging with a totally different perspective than most do. He says that most of the blogging advice going around is garbage, and I have to agree.

    Out of all of my blogs, I only have one niche blog, and I just started it, so I really don’t have experience with niches. My blogs would be classified as “major resources” because they are quite broad within their individual topics.

    I believe niches are totally overrated. But that’s just my experience. My low-carb blog is extremely popular and does well, but it’s also almost 10 years old.

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