Falling in Love with Her: Can a High School Romance Last a Lifetime?

I am you; you are me. We are one in love.

It sounds confusing. It sounds mysterious, or whatever you call it. But let me tell you about the romance I had with my high school sweetheart. This unique love story started when I met a female junior high school student who was a new transferee from a private school. At first sight, I was enthralled.

She had very long hair that has reached her buttocks. She wore a mystic smile as I saw her at a first glance. We met at the open study hall right after our music class. I was left alone in the said hall, preparing myself to proceed to our next class when I noticed her taking a refuge on the hall.

It was a first meeting I had had with her. I never gave much attention to that meeting. However, I met her again for the second time at the Newton Hall for our mathematics class. She was with her classmate, who happened to be my neighbor. I noticed her carrying a Journal of Education, an official publication of the Ministry of Education. I had wanted to borrow it from the first time we met at the study hall.

I was able to borrow the magazine. Then by that time, we became fast friends. And I said to myself that we were meant for each other. It was a special day when we met again. I greeted her happy birthday and she greeted me a happy birthday too. To make the story short, it started with the birth certificate and ended with the marriage certificate.

Now we were married for 44 years.


  1. Gil Camporazo Post author

    It is too satisfying to recall those yesteryears of how we met inside the school campus. I had never thought that we would be married for we were in our teens and we didn’t enough knowledge or experience on how we live together.

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