Relationship on the Rocks: I Can’t Believe She’s Pregnant Again!

Wow! I just got a call from a friend and I am just really in a wondering way today.

This friend and her husband have had marital issues since I met them almost 2 years ago.  She blames him for everything and won’t take any of the blame for their relationship.  She has taken their twin girls and left. She even says that he won’t come and see them for long and then he will just let her raise them.  They are supposed to be working on their problems and starting all over with their relationship, but she acts as though she doesn’t want it to work out.

Well, she has been gone a few weeks and comes back when she has a day off, here and there. Now she called me a bit ago and said that she is expecting again. She said that she is about three months along.  She called him and told him. I asked her what she is going to do and she said that she isn’t sure if they are going to come back to him or if she is going to raise the baby and her other kids on her own.

I would ask that you all please pray for this couple and their family to do what he would have them to do.  Also, to let them both see and understand that it takes 100% on each of their parts for a marriage to work.


  1. Marie Edgerly

    Yes it does take 100% for an marriage to work. If they can’t make it work, they need to think about the kids first. Those kids will get hurt if they don’t start working together. I

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