I Discovered New Cupcakes … Pimple Cupcakes

I discovered a new cupcake I have never heard of … Pimple cupcake.  

I will let you Google it for recipe.  I will describe it to you here.  

It is a cupcake with something like fondant over top of cupcake to look like skin … and a ‘pimple’.  

When one goes to eat it … they ‘squeeze’ the pimple … the contents come oozing out!  


Actually the contents happens to be creamy filling to look like …

I got very queasy watching the video … even knowing the cupcake has to taste good … sweet, creamy.  

Since finding the Pimple Cupcake online … it stays in my mind. Gracious!  

I hope now that I have written about this cupcake … I can get it out of my mind.  

I don’t want to make Pimple Cupcakes … but you might want to.  

Don’t you think they would be perfect for Halloween desserts?

They would fit in with other strange, weird, ghostly foods!  You know …like cakes that look like bloody fingers, toes, skulls.

I just can’t imagine holding the cupcake up to my lips … squeezing the sweet, creamy paste into my mouth!  I would have in my mind what it looked like, what it was supposed to be!  A pimple!  

Now … you may enjoy what I couldn’t! Pimple Cupcakes!





Note by this author, Gloria Faye Brown Bates / aka Granny Gee … photo of cupcake is a doodle I did, article is written by me.


  1. Andria Perry

    This made me smile and I shared on twitter to make more people smile!

    This would also be good for a teenagers party.

    No thank you, I am glad I am a diabetic when I see this type of cupcake.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I think I’d probably skip these cupcakes. But I think my kids would love to make them! Alongside booger cookies, cat litter cake, and all those other disgusting recipes, no doubt!

  3. Priscilla King

    Not for me, but then again I like the “Cow Patties” the cafe sells. (What they are is basic no-bake peanut-butter-and-chocolate-and-oatmeal cookies/candies.)

  4. CatMom NJ

    Hmmm, I thought it was that the cupcakes caused you to acquire a pimple. Haha. Either way the title is enough to scare most off so I just dunno about these 🙂

  5. Rex Trulove

    It sounds pretty revolting, though they are probably tasty. With a slight alteration, though (and without looking up the recipe), I could see changing them into Volcano Cupcakes or the like.

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