A Dream About the Coming of Jesus

Early this morning, I dreamed about Jesus coming. At first I saw a very bright yellow light in heaven. Then it’s growing big in the sky and people are shouting wondering what is happening. At first, the light lift off and I was waiting then the next thing happen, I, my mother and my kids were caught up in the air with that light and I saw many people in the light traveling with us too. I didn’t see the face of Jesus but I know He is the one, that lead the million angels.

Then I woke up and tell myself that I should not forget my dream. I put it on my mind before I went to sleep. I want to open my laptop to write the dream so that I cannot forget it. But I was so sleepy so I just put it on my mind then by 8 in the morning when I wake up, I opened my laptop and write it here.

Indeed, Jesus is at the door. The Bible gives many signs of His coming. We can find it in the following verses that I will presented and let me ask you if these verses are true and already happening.

The disciples asked Jesus what are the signs of His coming and Jesus replied in Matthew 24:3-29, Luke 21 v.10-11, 25-26, that there will be famine, wars, pestilence, darkening of the sun and moon and showering of stars. Throughout history, we already know that these things already happened. I remember last two years ago that the the moon became red twice on that year.

These things are rampant nowadays and you can experience this anywhere. Most people nowadays are lovers of their own pleasures. They don’t mind others and were consumed by selfishness. Drugs have destructed many lives, families and relationship. Things that were once unacceptable in human nature have became legal and a norm. It happens here our country where drugs is free to use inside a penitentiary in alleged support to a high ranking official’s election campaign funds. How many men and women made their lives unworthy because of using these drugs? Some people are envious, greedily taking what they don’t own and not contented on what they have. Sometimes they commit crimes to filll their needs. Some people are very proud of the material things that they have in life but the truth, if we die, we cannot even bring anything on our graves. Blaspheme God, feeling they are god and seek the admiration of other people.

Look at our young people most are disobedient to their parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, for their own satisfaction they are false accusers, incontinent and fierce. They are despisers of those that are good. No real love but traitors to one another and most are lovers of pleasures and money raher than lovers of God. They have no time for extending their hands to the needs of others.

Look around you, do you think these things are already happening? Cite an example that these things are happening in your area. If you cite some, then conclude that Jesus is at the door.

How can we be ready? Believe in God and accept Jesus as your personal Savior. Then use your time and talent to find the harvest for they are already ripe. God needs His laborers. If we do our commission, then we are ready to have Him on His coming. Are you ready to be caught up in heaven and have a complete change in our body?

I hope everyone of us are ready to meet the Lord. Remember, He is coming soon.


  1. Gil Camporazo

    The dream every person has is for his own personal counsel or advice on what to do. It doesn’t hold true for everybody unless he is a prophet of God. If he’s going to let the people know, he will surely be the subject as a laughing stock. Or it will only confuse other. God speaks to his own prophet in the ancient and even in the present time.

  2. Jacky Hughes

    Jesus is indeed coming soon. We must be ready and understand the signs even if we are not permitted to know the day or hour.

    Each generation has thought this, and the signs have increased and God om His mercy has waited,but the timr will surely come and we must live ready.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      I am also familiar with this picture. I don’t know if our Church has this picture. It is safe to identify the source of the picture especially the owner. It would be a problem later on.

  3. Jo Pin

    Jesus is alive and He is coming soon. Know that He will come like a thief in the night. No one can tell when is the exact time and date. We just need to be prepared at all times doing good and being faithful to Him.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      It seems like that. The coming of Jesus Christ is compared to a wink of an eye. I don’t know if you are with that?

  4. Gina M. Menorca

    Dreaming of such. I think because your conscious mind really wants to see him coming or maybe because you have been talking about it before you sleep. nevertheless, You love God so much

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