I drink my veggies

I suffer from severe TMJ. It is that long, hard-to-spell condition that makes my jaws act. It has something to do with my jaws not fitting together properly. My doctor explained to me, in detail. All I know is there are days chewing a marshmallow is too painful to attempt.

Because eating marshmallows can be painful, there are lots of other foods I don’t eat because it hurts to try to chew them. Sadly, fresh fruits and vegetables are among them. I love fruits and veggies! My body needs the nutrients they provide so I can live the way I should and be healthy. Thankfully, I found a way to get my fruits and veggies without being in pain.

I drink my veggies! I drink “Greens” at least once a day. “Greens” is a powder you can add to juice, water, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal – just about anything you want depending on your taste buds and get all the vegetables you need for the day. No more painful chewing to get my nutrients because I drink my “Greens!”

In addition to all the veggies I need for the day, I also get an energy boost when I drink my “Greens.” It isn’t a jarring, jittery energy boost. It is a slow, calm release of energy that lasts for hours. None of that “I had too much coffee” feeling! “Greens” give me good, healthy energy to get me going and keep me going all day.

Don’t panic – I still eat my fresh fruits and fresh vegetables as often as I can. If you are going to overdose on something, fruits and vegetables seem like a good thing to OD on.

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