I Got A New Friend

Hi everyone. Its me George again. I was very excited this afternoon as Mom got me a new friend. I think she is really pretty. But so far I dont think she likes me very much. Her name is Grace unless Mom changes it. Do you think she is pretty?

IMG_20160821_170938764  When she got here Mom made me go into my stall. I just figured Mom was going somewhere again until a strange person brought Grace in. They put her in the stall beside mine so we can get to know each other. When I stuck my head over to say hi Grace tried to head butt me. I did not do anything mean to her so I dont know why. Mom says Grace is a dairy goat. Whatever that means. Mom gave us both some hay and left us for a little bit. Grace did stop trying to head butt me at least.

Later Mom came out and got Grace a bucket for some water. She is not long enough necked to reach mine. Then she put a regular halter on Grace and walked her around some. Mom said Grace leads better than I do. When she put her back in the stall I was let back out of mine. Mom checked on us a little later and told me I was a bad boy for stealing Graces hay. It looked better than mine and she was not eating it. So Mom took my hay and gave that to Grace. But she threw it far enough in that I could not reach it. When Mom left that time I played with the fastener on Graces stall and opened it up. Grace came out but when I tried to play with her she ran away. This time Mom was very very mad at me and made me go in my stall and stay there. She played with Grace and ignored me.

A little bit later Mom came back and gave us some hay. But she did not give me any more grain. Mom said I had enough because I ate Graces after I opened her stall. Once again she was not eating it and I did not want it to go to waste. Hopefully Grace and Mom are not mad at me by the time tomorrow morning comes. I dont like it when Mom is mad at me. And I really want to be friends with Grace.


photo is mine


  1. Coral Levang

    I don’t think she shows much grace if she tries to headbutt you, even though she might be a little bit frightened. Sounds more like she’s trying to bully you. Therefore, I think you need to change her name from Grace to something else. Maybe Butthead would be a better name for her?

    1. Eva James Post author

      Hi Coral I have missed you. She is being nicer to me today so maybe she was scared. I am bigger that her so that could be it.

    1. Eva James Post author

      Mom says she will be eating at the pond when they get fence up for it.

    2. Rex Trulove

      That sounds great! Just be sure to have something to help her get out if she falls in. Goats can swim, but they need to be able to get out without too many problems.

    3. Eva James Post author

      I asked Mom about that and she said Grace should be able to get out easily enough. The pond is low right now and it is not so big when full that Grace would not be able to get to the shallow end.

    4. Rex Trulove

      Please make sure that you show her where the shallow end is. Animals can panic, just like people can. If she knows were to go, though, she should be fine.

    5. Eva James Post author

      Right now her and Mom are exploring the area together and that means I am getting ignored. So hopefully the fence is up soon and Mom can play with me more again.

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