I Know God Is With Us!

It’s late in the afternoon when we’re heading home and three of us were riding in tandem in a motorcyle. And we’re coming near at the public plaza when suddenly we overheard a big bang. We abruptly stopped and my male teacher checked his motorcycle without getting off.

“Nothing wrong!” he told us.

I reacted late. I didn’t what’s happening though I was riding in between the driver and the other passenger who occupied the space at my back. The motorcycle driver started his motor and kept heading to the street going to my house.

“What happened?” I asked for I was beginning to feel the suddenly beat of my heart. I thought for myself if something would happen and our motorcyle is running fast, something terrible would really happen to us for we’re about to pass through a street intersection where vehicles keep on going to and fro.

I kept myself in silent, praying for we have cheated a possible accident on that day. We’re not sure if we had run over a stone, a bottle, or plastic that suddenly burst and created a shocking sound. I know our guardian angels are there to keep us safe. We headed home safe with a big thought on our head: God is with us!


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