I Love Spotify – My Review Of Spotify

I am a huge music lover. So when I discovered the music streaming service Spotify, I was in heaven. (Spotify also streams videos and podcasts.)


I have the desktop client installed on my computer. They also have an app for your smartphone, which I have but it’s not the same as the desktop. Spotify is free but you can also pay for it, as they have 2 paid tiers – Spotify Premium ($9.99 a month) and Spotify Family ($14.99 a month). They offer a 30 day trial period on Spotify Premium but you have to enter your credit card information and then remember to remove it before you get charged. On both the desktop client and smartphone app, I log in with my Facebook but you have the option to create a username and such.


With Spotify Free, if you have it on your phone, the music is “shuffle only” – meaning you can listen to an album, but it’s in shuffle mode – it doesn’t go in order. You can pull up your saved playlists but it does the same thing – shuffle. Also, you only get so many “skips” – you can only skip a song a certain number of times (I believe it’s in an hour.)
I like the desktop client the best. You can listen to albums and you can listen to them in order. Also, the skips are unlimited. I will pull up an album and then both “save it” and “add to playlist” & make a new playlist so I don’t have to search for it later. I love that I can just stream the music onto my computer, whereas with my cds, you’ve got to change them after you play it. So you’re done listening to Billy Joel and you want to listen to James Taylor? Just search James Taylor and Voilà! There you have it!


If you are a music lover, I would really recommend Spotify. You have access to MILLIONS of songs (I believe the last count was 40 million songs) and numerous albums. And it’s free!


  1. Andria Perry

    I am also a music lover, I am listening to music now 🙂 Thanks for explaining what the site was because I had heard the name but I did not know what it was.

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