If God Will Come Back Tomorrow, Are You Ready Now?

Truly, we have lived in this material world. This material world is temporary. It has full of pleasures and fascinations we can notice and feel. It is tasteful, a reason why we’ve forgotten in doing the things we need to do in our daily lives.

We should not forget that this physical world is unbalanced. Because of the worldly attractions here on earth, we have forgotten to worship the real King. We’ve forgotten to bear the strong conviction to the Lord. Sometimes, we are modest to communicate to Him even in our emptiness because we have omitted everything He asked to show our admiration and worship every minute, hour, and a day. Clear enough that the faith has gone.

Our Jesus Christ is eternally openhearted to provide forgiveness rather than retribution. He can forever restore our lost soul. Let’s just bear in mind that we shouldn’t abuse the chances He has bestowed for the world today is abused and His goodness, too. Hitherto, we are just humans that make sins every day. We as human beings are unmanageably wrongdoers after the story of the first man and woman. Indeed, communicating our Jesus Christ every bit is the most acceptable way to do to seek wisdom to avoid committing mistakes.

Our Jesus Christ is love. Just like our parents, His love for us is endless. We commit sins, but He is ever ready to forgive because we are His children. The worldly doings in this world is continuing, but His love for us has no limits and boundaries. It is immeasurable. It cannot be lost forever. No matter how depraved this world, He is moving to give options to survive to live for He is our Mighty Saviour.

God has given everything and provides sacrifices. Anyhow, we’ve forgotten to give Him thanks in each second in our lives. We are sunk and misled by these devilish temptations till we will be surprised one day that the universe is melting. The Old Testament has spoken:

“When the seventh of the seven seals was opened, there was silence. It was a great anticlimax after a period praising God. In the silence, the angel placed incense on the altar of God. The altar and the incense are the prayers of the saints and they are fragrant in the nostrils of God.

Out of the Seventh Seal came Seven Angels with Seven Trumpets. Trumpets were used for warning and their purpose was to warn of the judgments coming to the inhabitants of the earth. The focus here is that those that dwell in this earth (those comfortable in the world) will need to be warned. It is a warning to those who scoff at the coming judgment of God.

“The task of the Christian Church is to warn people of what is coming. The greatest compliment and intimate interest that God can ever pay to a person is to promise judgment. If there were no final judgment, then individuals would have no significance.

Don’t count on tomorrow. Today is the day for salvation. Revelation, Chapter 6 (Source: tellingtruth.org)

Remembering the times when my family and I suffered the greatest sorrow, I knew who among of us is the strongest person. My elder sister was always presenting an advice to me. She was one of the reasons how I recovered the wound in my heart. She said, “God is near to come back.” I was relieved as of my enthusiasm to see my father. But she asked again that I thought a simpler interrogative. She said, “How ready are you on His comeback?” I replied I was 100% ready. She turned her head behind and instantly clarified to me that I never knew what I said. She said that not because I am ready doesn’t mean I am really ready. She explained everything.

Clear enough that not because we believe in Him doesn’t mean that we are always welcome to His new and infinite world. Our belief is not enough rather. There are many things to do to show Jesus of our warm love and faith.

We should serve the Lord with all of our hearts. We should exalt His name and glorify from our deepest soul. Another way of showing love and respect is to love one another because we are all His children. We are one. We are all brothers and sisters. We should pray for His guidance to avoid committing sins. We should always read His good words and spread them to the whole world because reading His good words is our daily bread. It is another way to communicate our Jesus Christ and be in His spirit.

When my elder sister acquainted my naive mind, I was voiceless. I felt like I was condemned as I was drifted to the wrong pathway. The guilt was on me especially when I evoke that seconds when my father needed a prayer for a miracle on ICU. How I wished to talk to Jesus Christ, but I was bashful and never had the trust. I was insane after knowing of the doctor’s report. It was tough to accept the fact that he was gone. I fell and broke. I was anxious that I could not see, touch, talk and cook his favorite foods forever. I lost one of my best inspirations to build my dreams because he is my number one supporter in struggling to touch the sky. My heart was cut by a razor. I never liked to sleep nor to wake up in the morning for I can remember him. I thought I would be insane forever to carry my extensive grief.

Suddenly, the people that are always worshipping Jesus Christ came home. The torture was removed slowly but after a while, the reminiscence kept coming back. Yet, I am grateful of my siblings for providing me their sanity. The only way that moved me on is to read the Bible, listening to the inspiring Christian songs, and praying every day to the Lord.

We should always remember that our lives are brief. While it is not too late, let us grab the chance. We should always ask Him not to lose our faith forever. We shouldn’t be bashful of who is our God because it is not for the salvation of the other people, it is a salvation of an individual.

Jesus Christ is my pathway and my savior. He is my provider of happiness and grace.

While there are many chances, we should grab it to show our love to the Lord. According to the Bible, He will come back like a thief.

“But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar, the elements will be dissolved in the fire, and the earth and its work will not be fine.” 2 Peter 3:10

Nobody knows when the Lord shall come back but we should always be ready for our Jesus Christ shall come back for you and for me.


  1. Gil Camporazo

    I am always preparing for it. And we should be ready anytime for there is a saying that says, “tomorrow may not come”. As what the Boy Scout’s Motto is “Always Be Prepared”.

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