If Midnight Snacks Are So Wrong, Why Keep A Light In The fridge?


That’s right.

I know some of you might be thinking, well she’s silly. It’s not just there so you can see at night, it’s just a general light in the fridge.

But come to think of it, when we clean our refrigerators we switch off the power and then only do we clean it. So we don’t necessarily need the light in the fridge. So why do you put unhealthy food or something in there when it’s bad for you. Haha!

There are a ton of things that are bad for you yet they are made and shoved right up to your face. And when you use it or eat it or whatever it may be, you are told you are doing the wrong thing.

Eating snacks at night is wrong. We tell our kids that it is wrong. What if one day one of them walks up to up and ask us this very same question? What answer are you going to come up with? What will you tell your kid if he tells you we don’t really need the light anyway?

I know this post is utterly silly but it definitely is something to think about! Not everything silly is really silly at times!


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