Illness and Pitying Don’t Correlates

The resort of a person whenever he or she has illness is to feel pity. He or she look down on themselves because they are not healthy anymore. They tend to question things that are happening to them. They begin to think what they had done to deserve it and why does some bad people doesn’t have that kind of illness instead. Very true. Usually that is the form of drama of a person with illness, but don’t mind it, that is normal. Everything is normal. That is the natural reaction. The one that is not good is when you stay to be pitying yourself for long. 

Feeling pity is kind of useless. It is a waste of time. You might feel it on the first day, but do not ever have the kind of feeling on the second day towards the long days. Pitying yourself is negative. No one deserve illness but just accept it. Acceptance will help you to move on and focus on what’s needs to do. When money problem occurs, you will pity yourself again. Instead of feeling sorry that you don’t have it, why not try to ask help. In trying, you are moving one step closer to helping yourself with finances.

No one said that it will be easy. Unfortunately, it will all be hard, but remember, if you feel down, your system will get down. You might drink your medicine, the doctor will able to heal you, but you are not completely healing by stressing yourself. Trust me, illness and pity doesn’t correlates and never in the world it will help you to get heal. Sometimes medicine does not take effect if you are all stress out and with high blood pressure. If one really wants to heal, one needs to calm down and focus on healing. 

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  1. Vinaya

    If you pity on patients you are making them hopeless. You need to inspire them to help them recover faster.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      It is but natural you pity the patient for his illness. It is the point that you want to care for him for his speedy recovery.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    The way I understand that pity is making the person concerned independent. He couldn’t stand with his one two feet because he needs someone to look after him.

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