Imagine How Bad the Feeling Is

Today, I failed to see one of my smart cat Mojacko. Mojacko is a male cat that likes to stroll around the neighborhood to look for food. Even though we never fail to prepare him food he still get out the house to look for it. I guess if cat is not satisfied they will still look around. Right now, I haven’t seen my cat for whole day. He goes out of the house but he gets back home during breakfast, lunch and dinner. I haven’t seen him. I am the first person he will be asking for food and I am always be the one that gives him. I wonder where he is now? Imagine how bad the feeling is because I lost 2 cats and one dog just this Sunday and now I am near of losing another one. I cannot handle this anymore. 

Not with my pets please. Things happen for a reason but not with my cats or pets. If this is the way of saving me, then I don’t agree. Maybe I am just creating this feeling, I am just stressing myself for worrying but I trust my instinct and I guess my instinct is not helping me at all. Have you been in this kind of situation? The feeling of worrying on this kind of situation is my guidance on what should I do next. I keep on looking on my cat and I will investigate. I pray that the feeling of worry is leading me to the right direction. I cannot afford to lose another one, so please God makes him safe and lead him home. 

I have the bad feeling because I heard a loud cry of a cat, dawn, yesterday. It was a loud cry of a cat that is hurt. Then a loud bang of closing door. It was a door of one of my neighbor. I did not heard the cry of the cat anymore and I did not see my cat Mojacko after that. I am not saying that is Mojacko, but I take note of that experience because I will need it for sure. 


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  1. JoDee Stout

    Oh, sissy!! I hope you find Mojacko. Maybe he found him a girlfriend and will return with a hardy appetite In situations like this I always over react, and everything turns out alright. So hoping every thing will turn our good!.

  2. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @brendamarie I worry like this because I know my cat more, I know that when he is good, he will come back home but until now he is not.

    @stoutjodee I am over reacting right now and I know my best friend is really annoyed on me. Later on I will feel the panic, oh no.

  3. Jean B Figues

    aww.this story reminds me of that time when my colleague thought his cat left him but after two weeks, it went home drained with blood.. it was rushed to the veterinarian .hope that won’t happen to mojacko.. sweet name!

  4. grace

    That loud cry and that loud bang of the door seems pretty creepy. Could that be your cat? You have to face it. But let me tell you cats do disappear and come back after a long time sometimes. Our Lolly did not come for 3 years and one fine morning there he was out side sleeping on his back wanting me to pet him. But Preiti did not welcome him, although they were freinds earlier.
    Such is life.

  5. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @junebride mojacko already is home sissy and I am glad he came home. I think someone from the neighborhood throw him away and he just went home.

    @bestwriter that is really creepy and I still believe someone is hurting a cat because one of the neighbor is doing that. My cat is now home. I am glad you shared about Lolly and that is a good news to everyone who lost their cat. Maybe Preiti does not remember her at all?

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