Importance Of Creating Vertical Images For Pinterest

The importance of creating vertical images for Pinterest cannot be understated.

The power of Pinterest to drive traffic to your site can also not be understated.

Pinterest can be the powerhouse of traffic drivers particularly if you blog about recipes, DIY, crafts or fashion.

According to Social Media Today Pinterest has over 100 million active users per month.

Why Do You Need Vertical Images On Pinterest?

Because the layout of Pinterest, designed by Pinterest,  optimizes vertical images.
Because there is an inherent bias on Pinterest against pins that are not vertical.
Because pins must be shared amongst the community to drive the traffic to your site by fellow pinners.

The importance of creating vertical images on BlobBourne for Pinterest.

How To Create Vertical Images For Pinterest?

One only needs to be have minimal photo editing and design skills to create a vertical image with headline. The images can be created for free with the online photo and design sites Picmonkey and Canva. Picmonkey is use as is for free. If you desire to upgrade there is a free trial available. On Canva you must create an account, but the interface is free. Both free versions are more than adequate to create quick vertical pins.

The images should have a minimum ratio of 2:3 vertical. Search the internet for ‘how to create a vertical pin for Pinterest’ and there are many how to’s by the Pinterest veterans.

The alt text should be filled in when the image is loaded onto your site. The alt text should include a short description of your pin, preferably with keywords. The alt text that you fill will automatically appear as the description for your pin on Pinterest. Just as pinners prefer vertical images/pins, pins without a description will not be favored.

No hashtags on Pinterest. Of course this has changed through the evolution of Pinterest, but currently hashtags are frowned upon and many consider hashtags in the description as spammy.

Why Take The Time To Create A Vertical Image On BlogBourne?

If Pinterest is where you envision an audience then take the time. Revenue driven back to the site should in theory benefit the community as the site evolves. 

If you like to blog about food, recipes, DIY, crafts then Pinterest is the natural social media site to share those posts.

Or perhaps you have thought about using Pinterest or already have a Pinterest account but still need to populate the account with content. This is a great opportunity to further promote your blogging, brand and the community.

Happy Pinning! I’d love to share your recipes and crafts ~


Image Credit: author & Pixabay


  1. Suny

    Very helpful post! I would try to follow the instructions provided in this post as Pinterest is the only site that has returned no result for me, thank you.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    This is a wonderful resource for bloggers who are just learning about Pinterest. You’ve included all the info to give them a great start creating vertical images to pin! Tweeted and pinned 🙂

  3. Barbara Radisavljevic

    I agree it’s worth taking the time to create a special image to meet Pinterest preferences. If the post is one you want people to share, just create the image. I use to do collages, but I don’t really like them much. I try to pick a photo of my own, if I have one that fits the post. If it’s not already vertical, I use Picmonkey to crop it so it is vertical and then I use text to add the name of the post to it.

    One more thing that just came to mind as I was about to share this. It’s something I always forget. If you comment before you share, go back a page or you will be sharing your comment instead of the top of the post.

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