The Importance Of Feeling For Others

Imagining ourselves like when, what if we are undergoing with the same problem with people we  know.  It important to feel what others are feeling. It is important  to understand the feeling of concern, the relevant of being fair in dealing with other people.

We are always learning from what we encounter from the experiences in  life of people around us. Other people always inspires us, motivates us  that,  for our life to become even more colorful, more richer, and more meaningful because of what we learn in every opportunities we are exposed to and accidentally, we encounter along the way.

Circumstances are very friendly to us now a days. We can always find information in various informative site in the internet. In social media, we always follow the lives of most famous people that we admire, that alone  is the best we can have in consultative situation.

Valuing other people and their endeavors in life. Often times we shrugged it off, the news on brutality.  well, Like the old saying,drink my cup of tea or put yourself in my shoes. Let us open our eyes. The world needs us. Our empathy. The world needs justice to those who have been in worst predicament. Let us feel what they feel so that we can reach out and be a helping hand in any way we can.


  1. Suny

    I always try to give as much time as possible to others, reading and discussing that helps improve myself and my viewpoint.

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