Importance of preschool education.

First five years are very important for overall development of a child. In a preschool the child learns from the play way method. Children who go to preschool have significantly shown better academic results, higher IQ, lesser antisocial behaviour than the ones who did not attend preschool. The mother will be getting assistance in child care and will be having higher opportunities to go out to work when she sends her child to a preschool.

Toys which helps a child develop his skills by play way method are puzzles, building blocks, puppets etc.

In a preschool a child learns social skills like how to speak, behave in the public. He learns to share and care with other playmates. He starts using words like thank you, sorry. His listening and speaking skills get improved. They get better prepared to enter a school. His academics are now being emphasized.

Things to be taken care  when sending your child to preschool.

The school should be clean and safe. There should be appropriate books and toys. Meet your child’s class teacher regularly. A good teacher talks with children, asks questions and answer their questions patiently. She will boost their self confidence and answer all your doubts about your child’s progress. You can even visit the classes.

It is always good to toilet-train your child before sending to preschool.




    i absolutely agree with you , preschool is also the determinant of child social interaction and behavior. if a child goes through the best preschool, there more chances that he or she will have the best social life.

  2. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    We had a play school where we had year 2 to 5 years age group. We used to teach children with play way method and it is like basic rather you can call it as foundation course for the the kids. It is very important for kids to have best foundation pre-school education.

  3. Vinaya

    I am not a parent yet, however, I understand the importance of early childhood education.

  4. ANDRE' G

    My children are all grown up and parents themselves. They all attended pre-school and we are glad we sent them. by comparison with my brother’s children who never went, our kids are more independent and not “attached to mommy’s apron strings”, as their children. They are also both married, and one divorced, the other, is touch and go. Both think nothing of asking their parents to travel 400 miles to discuss her problem with her husband and naturally, they went. I’m not against helping their daughter, it’s what we are supposed to do for our kids, but surely, at 38 years old, she could just as easily have taken the trip to her parents, it is her problem after all.

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