Improvement of Your Home by Doing It Yourself

When replacing broken tiles around your shower or tub you want to buy the and it on caulking that comes in various colors to match what is already there you just remove the old and apply the glue made for the tiles set into place and caulk then take a sudsy soap water and wet your finger to smooth out the caulking, simple and easy.

To keep out the heat of the sun especially in the afternoon take some darkened film you can buy at Wal-Mart and roll onto your window and using a spatula get all of the air out, smooth down and this helps in keeping your home cooler in the heat of the summer.

If your toilet is running off and on you need to replace the flapper but, if it is a constant running the entire guts need to be replaced.

Light switches in outer walls need insulation on them to keep out the cold winter air and you can buy these at a local hardware store, just remove the plate put on and you’re saving precious money.

Hot water heaters should be wrapped in an old blanket and I keep mine off until I need hot water as it only takes about fifteen minutes to heat up enough to bathe or do dishes.

Just a few ideas of improvement of your home and do it yourself ideas.





  1. IcyBC

    You are right, by doing it yourself, you can save lots of money! You don’t have to deal with workers, and in some cases, scam!

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