In a Disaster, Who are you Going to Call?

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Who are you going to call when help is needed?

There are many times when you hear the news or read the paper and the two things that seem to make the headlines are:

  1. A disaster Somewhere in the world
  2. The Call for the Red Cross or Red Crescent

Without a doubt, in that situation,  most people are very happy to see the Red Cross people come to their aid. They come loaded with clean water, clothes, medical aid and whatever else is needed to help those people who have been affected by whatever Calamities have happened.


It doesn’t matter if it’s an earthquake, flooding, freezing weather or anything else that affects a group of people, if help is needed the Red Cross/Crescent will answer.


What can you do?

So many times I hear people say, What can I do? I don’t live
I have no idea how to help!
They have so many volunteers already, they don’t need me!

How wrong you would be!

Everyday people are needed for so many different branches of
the Red Cross.
The Red Cross is a huge organization, but it also has it’s local chapters too. These chapters are filled with people who care for others in their own neighborhoods.  They knit for newborns or premies, for homeless shelters, or old people.  They help at Blood donor clinics, making coffee and tea or holding that first donors hand through the “process”.

Blood donation was one area where lots of people could make a difference.  Blood drives are being held somewhere in your neighborhood on a monthly or bi-monthly basis depending on the number of donors in an area.

If you live in a big city, you can be sure that there is a blood donor clinic held almost every day of the week at some school, church hall or library because the need for blood never seems to lessen.


Blood Donors are so important to everyone!

There isn’t a day that goes by where blood donors are not needed.  Blood Donation is one of the few things we can do without causing ourselves any harm and at the same time helping those people that we may never, ever get to know.  It could be that a tiny baby is born that needs a blood transfusion, a mother who is hemorraging, a car accident victim or a cancer patient.

There are as many reasons that your blood is needed as there are sick people in the world.

Why become a regular Blood Donor?

When I turn 18 I first started to give blood.  We had a Blood Drive at my High School and I wanted to get out of a Chemistry class so, I went to donate.  (how altruistic of me) Anyways, it was there that I first learnt all about Blood donation and what it means to people who are ill.  I have been a fairly regular donor, except when I could not physically donate, Having babies and giving blood do not mix.

When I could donate I did.  Then into my 50’s my father became ill with cancer.  He would go in for blood transfusions and when he came home from them, he would feel so much better, that I promised him that I would donate regularly. He and I had the same blood type.

After my father passed away, I was going to quit and then my husband said to me, you know, just because it isn’t your father getting blood anymore, doesn’t make it less for some one else’s father.

That hit me like a ton of bricks and really resonated in my heart.  So now I still go and give blood every 6-8 weeks in honor of my father and in honor of anyone’s loved ones who feel better because of it.


So next time disaster strikes, remember that you can do little things to make a big difference right here, right now.

 Become a Blood Donor!

 Give the Gift of Life.


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    There are many trustworthy organizations people can donate funds or different items to that will help those in need. It would be great if we did things before there was a new disaster, because there is always something a group is working on somewhere.

  2. Jo Pin

    In times of disaster and unexpected accident, the closest you can get help should be from the people near you. Today, we have readily access to many organizations and hotlines to find help at an instant.

  3. Gina M. Menorca

    I have seen so many disasters. And when it is far from me. I did exert and effort to help them. I pray for them, I think that is the best that I can do. being a blood donor. That is not for me. I’m scared. I try one time. I passed out so Not for me.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      No Gina it’s not for everyone, glad that you help though when help is needed. we need people to do that too….

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Yes sometimes that can be a problem, that’s okay too. Not everyone can donate, but those that can really should…..If you want to make a difference and help at the same time, you could volunteer your time….I don’t know any charitable organization that would turn that down…..

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