In Terror Attacks on US, best defense, Clinton or Trump?


I’m not an American but the antics and shenanigans these two Presidential candidates are getting up to, reaches even the southern tip of Africa where I hail from, every time the big “eye in the sky” passes overhead.

As such, I regularly read in Google searches the relevant arguments that both of your candidates will be assisted by their respective advisors in making the correct decisions. I realize that it’s a crazy argument but I say that because it has been proven not only by the present administration but also by Hillary Clinton herself that advice given by her advisers, is not necessarily followed, as undoubtedly, Donald trump has ignored the advice from his campaign advisers on dozens of occasions as well.

Since these are the only two candidates you have to choose from, in this instance alone, I believe Donald Trump would put the lives of the American citizens and the men and women that serve your country overseas, above his personal feelings.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand has proven on more than one occasion, from her email scandal to Benghazi, to her flipover decision to invade Iraq by preferring to say what she thinks the people want to hear and doing what she wants, while her advisors come up with excuses for her to use at the next press conference regarding, why she said one thing and did another.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is going to tell you what he thinks, flat out, and off the top of his head, only to apologize for it at the next press conference. Personally, I would rather have someone make a mistake and own up to it rather than lie about it then lie again when they apologize for making the mistake that they never thought was a mistake, but the people did.

Why Trump Jumped Onto The Presidential Bandwagon!

This might come across as a shock but, I’m not really convinced, that Donald Trump was seriously running for President initially, I think he jumped onto the Presidency bandwagon for the media exposure and attention which he historically has thrived on in order to boost the Trump name and things just grew from there.

As wealthy as he is, I believe he is actually “cash poor” and I say this because of his apparent over dependence on personal debts and sizeable personal loans. For example, he has attached a lot of his personal loans to his Atlantic City casino assets.

Will Hillary Have the Guts to Go After Perpetrators?

He is known to draw huge bonus and salary incentives. When I use the term “enemies” in my headline, I’m of course including spies, extremists, terrorists, illegal immigrants, rogue countries, countries who grab your jobs, in that scenario, I would count on Trump to defend both his own and the American citizens interests while in the same scenario, Clinton will be busy alleviating the plight of the minorities in the face of an imminent attack on your country, being busy “spreading the love”. Will she have the guts to eventually go after the perpetrators? I very much doubt it.

Trump’s Mouth Spews Any Kind of Rhetoric!

For my money, neither of them will ultimately be worth a damn, when it comes handling your domestic issues or defending the US. Trump lacks proper decorum, and character. He has next to zero regard for anyone but himself. He frequently demonstrates this on the campaign trail. Trump’s mouth spews any kind of rhetoric that comes off the top of his head. In such situations many of his supporters tend to rush to his defense, saying:”Trump is just speaking his mind which comes from what he feels in his heart.”

Clinton’s Portfolio Becomes Blurred!

Clinton on the other hand also lacks proper character and temperament; to me, she comes across as a corrupted politician selling influence through donations to the Clinton Foundation. Her portfolio becomes fuzzy to me somehow, when she occupied the position of Secretary of State. Just Tuesday my eyes were drawn to the latest expose’ about Clinton’s dubious activities, written by Eric Lichtblau “Emails Renew Questions about Clinton Foundation and State Dept. Overlap.”

Apparently some State Department emails were released on Tuesday which shows the close and overlapping interests between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation while she served as secretary of state. In short, new questions in the documents were raised about whether the Clinton foundation worked to reward its donors with access and influence at the State Department, a charge that Mrs. Clinton has previously faced and has repeatedly denied.

You Would Find All of This Rather Amusing!

Naturally, when looking at the average  personal responses in a Google search, American’s being what they are, either you are in a group with more Clinton supporters or in one with more Trump supporters and perhaps you feel this information really doesn’t mean a thing because you are surrounded by like thinking peers.

Maybe you’ll start to unfriend those Twitter and Facebook friends that you won’t believe are supporters of that despicable politician whom you hate, or if you were a bit like me, you would find all of this rather amusing and even slightly alarming.

Many Americans from both parties have historically chosen some questionable candidates to represent them, (so has my own country) which resulted in the citizens being left in a position that can best be described as:”We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.”

Twitter and Facebook’s Hold on America

Whether we like it or not, according to Google or Bing searches, Facebook and Twitter have become a huge part of most of our lives. Back in the day, it was almost entirely used to catch up with old high school and college friends, or to see how our exes are faring without us but it has now evolved into something entirely different.

Remember Obama’s Social Media Campaigns?

The next commander in chief of the mightiest military force on earth, the President of the United States of America and the free world, Google and Bing searches shows that your next President is going to need help from Twitter and Facebook to become President. You may laugh at this notion, but I assure you it is a fact, remember Obama’s social media campaigns? And to round it off, Facebook, may have already indicated the winner.

Throwing Me under the Bus and Ranting…

Just for the record, before those that are reading this article right to the end, throw me under the bus and start ranting and calling me names, saying that I am a biased foreigner, I want to be perfectly clear about who I am, I consider myself a moderate person, I believe, I am hugely open minded to some good things the Democrats, but while I have said this, I am most assuredly not a Donald Trump supporter.

 Like her or him, when the voting begins it will be Trump vs. Clinton I won’t have to vote

in your elections.


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  1. Pat Z Anthony

    You are right to share your thoughts, even if some won’t agree. Hoping no president would have to deal with such attacks is not realistic, but it would be nice.

  2. Rex Trulove

    It goes deeper. Hillary has broken federal law and has never shown concern for the citizens, even when she was first lady. In large part, she and Obama are responsible for the current escalation of terrorism, specifically that of ISIS. Trump mostly has a lot of the Washington DC crowd worried, because he isn’t a politician, he is a highly successful businessman. That makes him an unknown quantity. He isn’t a member of ‘the establishment’.

    Unfortunately, what many American’s don’t seem to understand is that any vote that isn’t for Trump is a vote for Hillary. If she wins, that will be why.

  3. Ruth Cox

    My vote will be cast for Trump. That said… I appreciate your take on our current presidential race. It is interesting to read what someone outside the USA thinks of the mess we are in.

  4. Andria Perry

    I will keep my vote to myself because as you wrote, damn if we do damn if we don`t.

    There needs to be a change in how people get elected, for the most part its already been decided by the government.

    I wish that there was not career politicians, some set on a set for way to many years with the same OLD way of thinking in this ever changing world.

    I tweeted this article.

  5. ANDRE' G Post author

    Thanks for your great responses, if it were up to Facebook predictions, it’s a landslide victory for Donald Trump!

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