Indians thoughts for love marriages

As we know whole world is know about India, India is now a developing and progressive country. But still we can see backwardness in their thoughts for love marriages. Indian’s show their-self so much educated, classy, and good. But when w talk about love marriages I can say 75 percentages of Indians think the same in the case of love marriages, either they are educated or not. For them love marriages are not good and there are no future of it. Because their point of seeing love marriages is only based on caste. People judge by their caste not by their karma’s Is’nt it I am right na. Because they think if they do their children  marriages in other caste or in lower caste what will people say. The main problem of Indians are they don’t think about self in this matter they always think what will people say,relatives and society say. Due to this they destroyed the happiness of their children, And sometimes they killed their children too. They won’t change their mentality and thoughts. I hope in future god or some person is able to change their mentality.
They have to understand this time is changing and they should have to change their mentality and thoughts. Because People is judge by their Karma’s not by their caste. Its written in holy Geeta.

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