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Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

I feel so rested now, so I guess I am ready to blog here and there lol.

Anyways, as I checked my notifications here in “BlogBourne”(can I call this site as “BB”?) some of you have the same questions regarding the minimum amount of the withdrawal to get payout. I tried to check on the FAQ and according to it; we can get paid monthly as how the site will receive all payments from the advertisers/ ad networks. They haven’t put the value of every coin yet because as what has stated, it can be vary every month depends on the site’s generated revenues. So it means, the more site revenue earned the higher value of every coin that we can get too, am I right?

By the way, they also said that we can cash out our earnings by buying funds. By hitting the market tab on the left side (desktop view) different amount showed up.

I checked it and the lowest amount there that we can request is 5usd. The coin currency is in Philippine peso if I am not mistaken then they will convert to “USD” upon requesting payment to “paypal address” we provided as it is the only payment option given.

A friendly advice guys, the site just started, so just enjoy around and don’t worry too much, we’ll get in there soon.

Happy blogging!




  1. Martha DeMeo

    I’m excited about this new site and how helpful the owner is. I’ve already found long lost friends from sites way back and also met new bloggers. I’m looking forward to growing with BB!

    1. marilou luzon Post author

      hello there Ms. Martha, same here, I am excited to see what will BB can be soon but ofc with the help of members! See yah around, happy blogging! =)

  2. Vinaya

    I am not thinking about the money yet, however, I am curious what will be the value of one point?

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