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They have a saying, “the more you read, the more you learn, the more knowledge you can have. When I join here, I really don’t have any idea if how this site works. I just join because I love to write. I am to do this because I can express my feelings here freely.

When I signed up, the first question comes out in my mind was, “Is there a limit of number posting articles?” Second was, “How can I really earn here?” Then I browse and surf around the site. I click here and there. Then I suddenly find out my questions in “EARNING TABLE” section. I wouldn’t know this if I won’t read and try to study the site flows. In this section, I find out that we can only post five articles per day and we can get fifty coins each new article. There are lots of ways to earn listed. We can get coins when we share our articles with other social media but there is a limitation too. We can have twenty shares per day only.

I can’t reach these limitations as I just joined a couple of hours ago. I have to try to know if what will happen if I already reached the limitations, if there will have a message will pop or the post and share won’t be counted.

This information is base on my own research, please correct me if I’am wrong. Thanks!

Happy blogging! Good evening 


  1. Vinaya

    More important thing for me is to find out the worth of one coin and how much coin we need to cash out.

  2. Grecy Garcia

    I want to know the worth of the coin too. Kuya John already discussed it to me but I don’t understand the first time. I must read the message again.

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