Introducing irenen1 to BlogBourne Community

Irenen1 is a familiar name and face on the quality content article sites across the web. She has been producing since 1998.

Her areas of expertise include cooking, gardening, management, sewing, crafting and SEO. Online writing provides a source of supplemental retirement income.

Irenen1 studied premed in college. Even though she never completed her degree, she continues working part time as a Personal Care Assistant to this day.

Her first job was at a nursing home as a nurse’s aide. This is how she financed her first two years of college before family matters took top priority.

A part time job at a self service gas station quickly turned into a management career. This self service gas station was the second one in New England. The cost of gasoline was $0.249 at the time. Cigarettes were $0.50 a pack.

A few years later the gas shortage of 1973-75 took place. It was definitely a period of the study of human nature. In 1984, it was time to move on. The high stress causes burn out. Irenen1 was 100% vested so she had stocks and a pension.

Her next adventures in the working world led her into commercial cooking and kitchen management. She cooked her way through Mexican, Italian, Portuguese and American dishes at various area restaurants, diner, and pub venues.

Another part time job explored yet another passion of irenen1, gardening. She turned this passion into a hobby business. She sold plants she propagated from her home.

Now that retirement age is upon her, she is moving forward to becoming a certified backyard grower to supplement her Social Security.

Irenen1 loves the writing freedom of sites like BlogBourne to share life lessons and experiences with others around the world. She also enjoys the discipline of writing to specs for customer orders.


    1. Irene Nevins Post author

      Thank you, Brenda. I’m having a difficult time getting my posts published.

  1. Marsha Cooper

    Nice to “meet” you here at blogbourne. I’m sure I recognize you from other sites as well. I have written on several over the years.
    I so wanted to also write an introduction post, but I guess these aren’t allowed anymore 🙁

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