Introduction to Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I am happy to meet you all who have accepted my friend requests … who sent me friend requests.

I look forward to reading you. I see ‘old’ friends as well as lots of new friends.

I write about real life … mostly true stories. I ‘tell it like it is’ … no sugar-coating.

I have had many ‘bad’ things happen in my life. I write about them in a positive way. I write to understand ‘the whys’ of life.

I also, write as a grieving mother … you won’t see me whining, crying. I have coped with Tommy’s death in a positive way … I chose to do it in the best way possible. At first … I never cared … I lost my only child … for the first 3 years … I was ‘dead’, also.

This was 6 years ago … May 29, 2010. Tommy died while running, playing on the beach with his 3 year old son, where he collapsed.

I have been on many Life Journeys … I am on another road in my life at present. I will write about it in the future.

For now … I wanted to say hello … introduce myself. I am so happy to meet you.

I am also, author of 3 self-published books. You can see photos of my son, life stories on my Blog at:

Note by this author:

Several months before Tommy died … he introduced me to the game of Farmville. Photo is owned by me to say ‘Hi’.


  1. Vinaya

    Hello Gloria, good to you know you better. I remember, we met first time on Elite Visitors.

  2. Gayle Harrelson

    Gloria we have known each other a while now so I know what all you been through over the yrs
    I have found if you just copy paste their name in the reply box I THING they get it that way to
    reply back to them but don’t count on that as that’s how I do it being I just started on here.
    it’s not like mylot where you can reply back so I’m still learning the ropes here not real sure.

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