Invisible Tenant forces Couple out of Trailer

Living in a haunted residence was not so comforting for Richard, who moved into a trailer home with his new wife at a bargain rental cost. He was told outright that the trailer was haunted but thought nothing of it and they moved right in.

The very first night, the couple wished they had not been so hasty. The lights in the living room started blinking on and off, so he got out of bed to check them out. When he reached the living room, he felt extremely cold, despite the fact it was a warm summer night.

Thinking logically, Richard decided to have his brother-in-law come over the following day to check the electrical wiring. After a full inspection, nothing was found to be wrong. That evening, as the couple relaxed watching television, the unseen presence turned the bathroom light on and then turned on the sink tap sending water flooding out. Richard continued to stay calm, going to the bathroom to turn everything off.

However, he no sooner sat down and the bathroom light went on again. This time, the tub tap turned the water on full force. Still determined to stay calm, Richard grabbed a wrench from his truck and turned the water to the trailer off completely. Well, whatever spirit was behind these pranks was not about to let a little thing like that stop him. Not only did water stream from the bathroom sink and tub but also the kitchen sink. Needless to say, the couple got out of there the very next day!

It is difficult to say why a spirit would behave in this manner. It could be that the spirit lived in the trailer for a very long time and just did not want anyone else to live there. Perhaps the person died there and still felt it was his home. No matter the reason, Richard knew he could not share the trailer with a ghost!


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