Is Blogging For You?

Is Blogging For You?

Is blogging for you? You may be reading ads where you can get rich blogging. I am here to tell you that there are only a few that get rich blogging. If you are one of the lucky one, you will be able to make a living blogging. Even being able to make a living blogging doesn’t happen over night. There is a lot of work involved in blogging.

More to Blogging Than Writing

There is much more to blogging than just writing. Most people read those get rich quick blogging ads and think, that is for me. Some people jump right into it without doing any research about blogging. They think I will write and make millions. That is not how it work.

You should Have Basic knowledge about

computer programming
social media

Blogging is a lot of writing. Your articles are how you are going to get readers to your blog. So, it is very import to have at least basics of good English writing. There are many programs out there to help you with this.

You will need to know some basic thing about computer programming can set up your blog. You need to know, the different setting so you can make you blog visual appealing. You also need to know how to make your blog visible on the web.

One of the biggest parts of blogging is promoting your blog. Promoting is where marketing and social media skills come in handy. Believe me, when I say, you will spend most of your time promoting your blog.

These are the very basics that you will need just to get started blogging. There is always something new to learn that will help you make your blog better. The best thing about blogging is that you are not alone. There are many bloggers out there that are willing to help one another.

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  1. Andria Perry

    I agree, most people are lucky ( me included ) if we make $5.00 to $25 a MONTH! If I did not work outside the home I would try to make a living writing and blogging but as my life is right now I have to go out to work, no computers around either..

    Tweeted 🙂

    1. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp Post author

      Yes, but like you said before building up content is important. You never know, there maybe a time when you are both making a good living from our blogs.

    1. John

      Also true, Brenda. Blogging should have an undivided time it’s like writing a novel or a screenplay, it requires a lot of time, focus and of course money.

  2. Ople Dulnuan

    Thank you for this great explanation. Some people thinks blogging is a marathon running 🙂 that you have to rush to the finish line and its over. Fortunately, we we’re able to implement a unique view rewarding for those who really put effort to their articles so they can passively rewarded. I’m just really tired to write an update about this new feature now. I’m sharing this on our FB page.

    1. Sandy KS

      Ah, your welcome. 🙂 One day I do wish to learn more about the other two areas.

    1. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp Post author

      It is possible but I just read an article about making your own products to sell on your blogs. I would think that e-books would be one of the best ways to go with this.

  3. Gina145

    Having a big following on social media helps. Unfortunately I don’t have many followers so promoting my blogs isn’t easy. I’ve been lucky enough to find a good place to share my bonsai posts, but I really struggle to get readers for my more general blog.

    1. Gina145

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried Google+ and it does bring me a few views, but not many.

  4. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Great advice, Brenda! I think I’d disagree about needing knowledge of computer programming. Though it does help to understand a little HTML, it really isn’t necessary to know programming in order to blog. You should know how to use a word processor and how to enter data into the blog’s submission form. You should also know how to find safe images and how to write an image credit.

    I’d definitely agree with you on needing a decent grasp of English – plus, you should understand the differences between writing for print and web writing. And marketing, especially social media marketing, is really important to web writers and bloggers too.

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