Is the Institution of Marriage Threatened with Extinction?

Is the Institution of Marriage Threatened with Extinction?

holiday-1430033__180How can you react to the question of whether the institution of marriage is becoming extinct? This is a very big debate that requires sober minds in order to answer.


Gay Marriage is Threatening Traditional Marriages

With the gay marriages coming to the scene, many people are reverting to that and abandoning traditional marriage involving opposite-sex couples. Many are shunning the responsibility of rearing children. If traditional marriages are not becoming extinct, then I do not know what am saying!


Marriage is Threatened by Single Parents!

Many young men are deciding to stay single and live their life. They do not want to be controlled by anyone else. They want to be their own bosses. Where is marriage disappearing to if not to become extinct?


Perversity is killing our marriage institution!

There are many who revert to pervasive behavior like bestiality and others. They do not value marriage. They are after their own pleasure. Isn’t marriage institution becoming extinct?


Cheating is killing our marriages!

There are more people cheating in relationships than there are stable marriage relationships. Nobody respects holy matrimony anymore. Marriage is becoming extinct.


I have tried at length to outline what is ailing marriage today. Do you think the institution of marriage can survive?

Image credit: Wedding rings by Olessya/Pixabay/CC0 1.0



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