Unequivocal Decision of President Duterte of the Philippines



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The Philippine President Rody Duterte has spoken clearly and unequivocally. Jaime Pilapil of Manila Times wrote that the President Duterte defied the the US relationship with Philippines to stop it for good. He wrote that President Duterte found it not easy to forget the sufferings of the Filipinos and the massive destruction of the country during the World War II because of the presence of American forces in the Philippines.

Well, in that case Filipino could sense that President Duterte is immovable, determined to pursue his plan to break the Philippine economic tie and military connection with the US no matter what. He hinted that he would try it with Russia and China. This is one of the major changes which the disgruntled Filipinos keep on longing by their forebears long long time ago. It is time for the Philippines to stand with her own two feet, to free herself of the influence of foreign countries especially USA.

The 16 million Filipinos who voted Duterte to the presidency last Presidential elections are almost satisfied for the performance of the President. In the recent survey, the President received a very high performance rating in his first 100-day governance which any previous Philippine Presidents hadn’t achieved it. His indomitable will to campaign against the proliferation of drugs and running after for the drug lords, drug pushers and the fight against any form of criminalities is impressive.
But according to former PH President Fidel V. Ramos, Duterte has failed. Though he is is practically on his way to effect change in the country the Philippines. Graft and corruption, unproductivity on the government agencies and red tape are some of the major priorities of Duterte’s agenda for change. It sounds feasible and in the long run it would be successful. But they are only in the local scene. Internationally, he was a failure, lamented President Ramos.

No wondery why, a movement to oust President Duterte is beginning to hatch. A signature campaign is starting to circulate the country to remove the President. For President Duterte, it is not a problem. If it is his fate, he will take it. He has even ready anytime in case he will be liquidated. If it will happen so be it. That is how courageous President Duterte is!

If the people want change, why not give change a chance to be carried on. It is also like saying if you want peace, why not give peace a chance. When you work for the people, work for them. You don’t have to be double standard. One for the poor and another for the rich is a true sense of inequality. In practice, it will create pandemonium as far as government and politics are concerned.

Quo vadis Philippines?



    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      That has been proven. The one that has been changed and neglected has become important than the one that is being replaced. This takes a long, long way of planning. I remember one of my college instructors who said that it takes a century to change history. And that’s it.

  1. Jo Pin

    Whether they remove him in power, that will not solve any problem that the Philippines is facing right now. Bad for him, his tirade confused everyone, even his allies and own cabinet. His arrogance will affect millions of Filipinos, not him.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      There are 16 millions Filipinos who voted him and these people couldn’t guarantee much support for him. Some of those were just compromised for they wanted a change from the graft and corrupt form and practices of government. It is good for you that you know the possible aftermath of his arrogance and uncontrolled speeches which usually hurt anyone including the foreigners. Do you think he will stay in power until the end of his term for 6 years?

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