Is There Perfect Method of Writing! Episode 1

Is There Perfect Method of Writing!  Episode 1

Why Do You Write?

Writing is a perfect job. It is an art that most of us engage in. Many earn a living from it yet many do it as fun or hobby. One enjoys when people read and follow you to read what you write. Some writings live on and become like a legacy. There are many well known writers whom we have identified with. We have emulated some and they have become our role models.


Do We Have Something Like Perfect Method Of Writing!

It will baffle me if there is. There are as many writing styles and methods of writing as there are writers. Yet we have guidelines that do assist us to write.


Writing At the Spur of the Moment!

We have writers who have no problem to write. Once they have a computer or writing material the writing just flows like a river on a steep slope. They write words that you read and get amazed what inspired them to. I call them ‘the gifted writers’. God has bestowed upon them the perfect gift of writing. Are you in this group of writers? I admire to be one like them but my Intelligent Quotient (IQ) should be low in a way. Yet it is a very good and nice way of doing things.              image-pixabay


  1. Gil Camporazo

    I beg to disagree that writing is a perfect job. Since it is an art, it is too dependent on the style, method, ways or means a writer should write his stuff. Some are good in short story writing. Some are at ease in expository writing. Some are capable of doing a narrative writing. Thus, writing varies as the topics or theme do vary too.

  2. Ceci

    Yes, I do agree with you that writing is the art that mos of us engage in. All of us can write if we wanted to, as this is the way we express our opinion.


    Writing is more than just a job. its like a calling, far much accompanied with passion, and the desire one has to write. and write, still write until they have nothing more share.
    so writing is just like an image reflection of person thoughts, worlds and everything

  4. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I wouldn’t say there is one single method for writing that works all the time or for every person. But there are those writers who can earn a solid living at blogging or freelance writing. And I think pretty much all of them will say they plan their writing. Nothing spur of the moment is likely to be of high enough calibre or have good enough SEO to earn them money.

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