Is There Perfect Method of Writing! Episode 2


In episode 1 we saw how we write. Here is the continuation.

The Plagiarists

I wonder why I think plagiarists have a perfect method of writing! It is mainly because they have perfected the art of doing their thing. They copy what others have written. They do it verbatim or word to word or in part. They like best the good writing that other writers have written. We cannot say that they lack imagination because you cannot copy properly unless you have imagination.


The Planners!

These are a group of writers who do not just go into writing. They plan what you do and outline their work very well. They know the correct words to use and which words to tag in their articles. They mind about the SEO of the article. Their sentences and paragraphs are arranged in a systematic manner. They know the right images to use in their articles. At the back of their mind they know exactly the target audience the article is intended for. These are the writers who make it big. They are the ones that pull the web. They enjoy it when you enjoy their writings. They are sure of themselves and are in command. I call them ‘the planners’ because they plan everything.                    Image-pixabay








  1. Gil Camporazo

    Here we are again. I want to emphasize that there is no such thing as a perfect method of writing as there are varieties of writers. Writers by nature are creative. They don’t have the fixed mind to do their writing job for they do it in several ways or techniques depending on their audience, readers’ taste.

  2. Marie Edgerly

    I am the same way @nana I write from the heart. I don’t sit down and plan my writing, I just write. Then afterwards I go back to editing it. I feel writing from the heart and letting things just flow is the best way. But, that is my opinion 🙂 Everybody writes differently and what works from them may not for someone else.

  3. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I find it quite laughable that you would say plagiarists have imagination. Having dealt with perhaps hundreds of such abusers on another writing site, I can say that most of the plagiarists who copied intentionally showed dull wits, poor character if challenged about their violation, and no imagination whatsoever.

    Plagiarizing is dishonesty. It’s fraud. It is not a form of creativity, nor a method of writing. I think it actually harms us as a community, to have individuals who include plagiarism as a writing method and who extol the virtues of plagiarists. Your post makes twice today that I’ve seen a member of this community claim plagiarism is an artform. It’s very sad….

  4. @stbrians meshack bwoyele keya Post author

    @ruby3881 These people are with us and have followed us in many sites. They were there, are there and if not curbed will be there. They do their thing and to them it becomes a form of writing. The fact that makes me make my own observations. Ha ha ha

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